Online Betting on the Next US President

On the 6th of November, the Presidential Elections of the United States is going to take place. In this Presidential Election, the Democrat Candidate, Barack Obama is going to go against his rival from the Republican Party, Mitt Romney. The election will be one of the biggest gambling opportunities for the betting industry.

The wagering matchup is between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney as mentioned. Barack Obama is going to be running for his second and last term this year.  The history is not with or against the president as 3 out of the last 5 presidents succeeded in getting elected for a 2nd term while two of them did not make it.

On the other hand, there is Mitt Romney, who is the ex-governor of the state of Massachusetts. He has managed to defeat a lot of rivals during the Republican primaries earlier this year. When it comes to internet gambling, none of them have made any official announcements regarding their position of internet gambling. Although a large percentage of the Democratic Party is in favor of legalizing internet gambling and poker by the federal govt.

Players can place their wagers on the elections at many gambling operators. The top internet sportsbooks that are offering betting odds for the elections include 888, Bet365 and William Hill. The betting options include the winning president and the winning party. At William Hill, the odds for Barack Obama to be the winner is four to eleven while Mitt Romney’s odds are two to one.

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