Ongame is in Play for Purchase

PokerReports indicate that there are 6 different buyers who are in talks with Bwin.Party in order to buy the online poker subsidiary of Bwin.Party, Ongame.

Following these reports, the company is doing its best in order to increase the worth and the appeal of the poker subsidiary. This is done by putting casino games within the usual poker client.

This was revealed by Bwin.Party through an announcement as the company stated that the implementation of the company’s first side casino games is a reality as a result of the agreement that the company entered with Jadestone, the WMS subsidiary.

This will result in the providing of casino side games to the licensed operator PAF of Aland.

Commenting on this, a representative from Ongame has stated that adding side casino games to the poker client is certainly going to increase the revenue without having any affect on poker which is the primary product of Ongame. This addition will help provide the usual poker players with a whole new set of casino games.

On the other hand, the CEO of Jadestone, Robert Henrysson has stated that this is going to be a very new and an innovative method for them to distribute their gaming content.

He also said that thanks to the acquisition of Jadestone by WMS the company will eventually supply the players the award winning gaming portfolio of WMS in a similar way.

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