Once Upon a Time, The Future of Cyber Warfare and the End of Secrecy

rubidium-wuWarfare is a constantly changing theater, and as technology has become more and more integral to the modern day cyber warfare has become a viable target for the modern military. While it was once the product of science fiction, cyber warfare is the order of the day in developed countries.

Where it is Today

The cutting edge of cyber warfare today is likely the secret compound commanded by 4-star general Keith Alexander. An isolated city staffed with the brightest minds and most cutting edge technology, this location is capable of launching devastating cyber-attacks that can devastate communications, destroy information networks, and render an enemy electronically blind in moments. If that’s where things stand now though, where does the future lie?

The Future of Cyber warfare?

Just as armies facing one another in open fields have fallen by the wayside, cyber warfare is likely to change. Wireless, global, and using capabilities that haven’t even been developed yet, it’s possible that there will be no secrets that can’t be cracked, and no system that’s safe from attack.

What form will the future of cyber warfare take? That question is hard to answer. Will there continue to be secret, miniature cities where cyber warriors launch attacks all over the world? Will they happen at cyber cafes? Or will they be conducted from the middle-of-nowhere using military satellites? No one’s certain as of yet, but it’s possible that any and all of these options are definitely part of the mixture. While it might sound like a cyberpunk dystopia, cyber warfare is very, very real and it’s only growing as technology becomes more advanced.

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