Olympic Games Dominate Sports Betting

The London Olympic Games 2012 are not only making the athletes and all of the sport fans happy, the bookmakers in Britain are also enjoying it because the number of punters on the sporting events has never been higher.

The Olympic Games has caused sport betting to double its numbers at Betfair, the well known betting exchange. As for another big bookmaker, William Hill, the company stated that thirty million British pounds is going to be wagered across the gambling exchanges during the 2 weeks of the Olympic Games. These numbers are normal during the average Saturday during the Premier League football season but it is a new record concerning Olympic Games.

Commenting on this, the commercial director of Sporting Index, Mark Maydon has stated that the Olympic Games clearly dominated the minds of people in the media and the viewers. Just like it dominated the media, it also dominated the minds of the punters and the business itself.

According to the numbers and the statistics, seventy percent of the active punters who have been active for the last two weeks have at least made one bet on the Olympic Games. The top sports that got the most bets are football (soccer) then tennis. These two sports were followed by swimming, boxing, athletics and basketball.

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