Obama’s Vacation in Bar Harbor Club, Maine

Pbamas Vacation

The most powerful man in United States of America and his family managed to make it through a couple of days of family vacation. The first family returned to the White House Sunday from their Maine vacation. A getaway that included hiking, boating, and eating ice cream in old-fashioned Bar Harbor, Maine.

White House spokesman Bill Burton said the first family “played some tennis and hung out at the pool.” Obama stop at the Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream shop in downtown Bar Harbor, as a small crowd gathered. The president bought a coconut flavored ice cream. “It’s good stuff guys, how are you?” he greeted some young women who turned out to be German exchange students. “Well, is everybody here for a whole year? … All right. Auf Wiedersehen.”

Michael Memoli of the Chicago Tribune provides some information about the Bar Harbor Club, from its website:

“During the stock market crash of 1929 J.P. Morgan started construction on the exclusive waterfront oasis which opened to the grandest ball the island had ever seen on July 4th, 1930. The Bar Harbor Club was once a private playground for the town’s wealthiest summer residents such as Joseph Pulitzer, John D. Rockefeller Jr., Edward T. Stotesbury and other movers and shakers of the day. The spa is open to the general public but there is membership for the full facility. An application on the website says membership costs $1,825 for a married couple.”

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