Now Music Games Based on Michael Jackson!

Popular videogame publisher Ubisoft Entertainment is preparing to release a game based on Michael Jackson’s signature moves. A player will earn points for following the pop legend’s signature dance moves on some of his well known numbers.

The game would be available in stores before the ensuing holiday season, informed Ubisoft marketing executive Tony Key on Monday. However, he didn’t reveal other details like the title of the game, the songs that will feature, exact date of release and price.

The game will use motion sensing technology such as Move for Sony’s Playstation 3 and Kinect system for Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Motion sensing technology will let the game console ‘see’ the players as they dance before it. Prices for Move and Kinect are yet to be announced. The game will also have a compatible version for Nintendo Wii.

Players will win points for copying dance sequence of Michael Jackson as it is played on the television screen. However, “The game is not about redoing the video,” Mr. Key clarified. “If you already know how to moonwalk, you’ll do well. If you don’t, you’ll learn,” he added.

The company is also trying to develop versions of the game for two handheld consoles- Nintendo’s DS and Sony’s PSP. These versions will require the players to rhythmically tap, rather than dance.

The market for music based videogame declined sharply last year, as per information made available by the Electronic Entertainment Design and Research. Ubisoft is trying to revive the genre by developing the game on chart busting numbers of Michael Jackson.

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