NJ Seeks Interstate Gambling Pacts for Slot Games

Slot MachinesDuring the East Coast Gaming Conference held in Atlantic City this Wednesday, the New Jersey Division of Gaming and Entertainment (NJDGE) disclosed that the state is currently seeking compacts with other U.S. states, to link slot machines as a way to create larger jackpots.

NJDGE director David Rebuck, further revealed that deals with one or two U.S. states are currently underway, which the NJDGE hopes would push through before the end of summer. Four other U.S. states they approached were constrained to decline due to the lack of statutory laws that allow them to enter into interstate gaming pacts.

Director Rebuck, describes the gambling system as the “Powerball for interstate slots play”, as the ploy will allow the slot prize money to amass into larger jackpots. For as long as the prize pool remains un-won, this will continue to accumulate and be up for grabs among slot machine players in both land-based and online casinos, operating in compacting states.

NJ’s gaming division believes their proposed system will work, since the technology is similar to the progressive jackpots offered in slot machines. Slot players gaining entry into a bonus round have the chance to win the progressive jackpot. If they fail to hit the winning combination, the prize money continues to increase, since a portion of the bets placed by successive players automatically goes as contribution to the prize pool.

As a rule, New Jersey limits Internet gambling to online players physically located within its geographical territories; but the state has the option to enter into interstate gaming agreements with other U.S. states or countries where online gambling is legal.