NJ Releases Draft of Internet Gambling Regulations

Online GamblingNJ Releases Draft of Internet Gambling Regulations for Public Views and Comments

The New Jersey Division of Gaming and Enforcement has completed and released a draft of its proposed rules for Internet gambling regulations, which is open to comments and suggestions up to August 02, 2013.

The proposed rules govern various aspects of Internet and mobile gaming, such as licensing requirements and conditions, standards for gaming systems and operational controls, as well as a list of persons banned or prohibited from opening an Internet gaming account in any of Atlantic City’s licensed casinos. Some of the salient points include but are not limited to the following regulatory provisions:

  • Internet gaming operations, placing of wagers and the location of computer servers, monitors and all other related equipment are confined and limited to duly licensed Atlantic City casinos and Internet gaming affiliates authorized to operate as such. Any unlicensed organization or establishment outside of a licensed casino that makes its premises available for placing wagers for Internet gambling, and/or for putting up advertisements will be fined, accordingly and substantially.
  • Qualified online gambling participants may play and place wagers outside the confines of a licensed Atlantic City casino but within the physical boundaries of New Jersey. A qualified online player is one who is 21 years of age, has a verified account maintained with the licensed casino or its Internet affiliates, and is not included in the list of persons banned, prohibited and/or excluded from participating in Internet gambling activities.
  • Casino patrons or players are required to configure their computer terminals with auto-lock features that prevent unauthorized use of one’s Internet gaming account. Anyone found guilty of facilitating or allowing someone, less than 21 years old to gamble online by using his or her verified gaming account, is guilty of committing a criminal offense and will lose his or her qualification to participate in Internet gambling.

Readers can find a more comprehensive list of the proposed rules here. http://www.nj.gov/oag/ge/docs/ProposedRules/080213/internetgaming.pdf