NJ Internet Gambling Launch Continues to Show Encouraging Results

It has been a week since regulated online gambling went full swing in New Jersey and so far, state regulators are more than satisfied with the outcome of their preparations. From seeing as many as 17,000 players, placing wagers on the Internet-based casino games during the 5-day soft play, to noting around 32,277 online betting accounts created in the first few days of the industry’s official launching.

November 28, which was Thanksgiving Day, did not fail expectations as it saw the largest number of new accounts opened in NJ’s Internet gambling websites, estimated at about 5,000. However, since there are gamblers who created an account in different websites, approximation regarding the number of players placing wagers in NJ’s online betting facilities is not immediately available.

Concerning reports of players blocked because of technical errors, GeoComply CEO Anna Sainsbury explained that most inaccuracies cropped up if a player had connection issues that caused difficulties in establishing his or her exact location; or if there is software that masked a player’s actual location. As far as “false negatives” or cases of legitimate users wrongly rejected are concerned, CEO Sainsbury stated that subsequent adjustments to the geo-location verification system brought down the rate of such occurrences to about 10 percent.

Another reason that prevented players from opening an online casino account is the payment method used in funding their deposit. Although VISA and MasterCard are accepting gambling-related transactions, the matter of processing such payments is still up to the financial institution servicing the credit card account. Payment rejections, if any, were policy-related since Paypal, American Express, Bank of America, Discover Financial Services and Wells Fargo had announced beforehand that they would not honor online gambling transactions.