Macau Casinos, Macau Gambling and Other Revenue Streams

Online Gambling reported on other forms of investment opportunities and ventures that are bringing in revenue to Macau. While Macau is known worldwide for its gambling, other members of the Ho family have been working to bring attention to Macau through other activites.

Macau Macau also mentioned that a number of these businesses, while still involving a form of gambling (dog races, horse races and lotteries) is not the casino type of business that most wouldn’t be surprised to see coming out of Macau.

Macau News

Along with other revenue streams, Macau is also working to lower its carbon footprint in an effort to reduce electric costs and clean the air. Tourism is also another industry that is on the rise this year for Macau.

Hong Kong, Macau and Tourism

This is scheduled be a stellar year for both tourism and gambling profits for Macau.  There are a number of inexpensive packages to be had for travel and room accommodations.

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