New Way to Use Geolocating for Smartphones

New Way to Use Geolocating for Smartphones

Your smartphone has another app available if you want to find a possible partner near you.

The FindSomeone app allows members to access a geolocation feature in the dating site. The user can register their current location and find singles who match his or her criteria. The user can then contact any one of those singles by either starting a chat or sending a notification.

FindSomeone manager Rick Davies likens the experience to flirting, only online. It also takes some of the pressure off by allowing the initial contact to be via chat rather than face-to-face. It reduces the fear of rejection. After all, there is hardly anything more nerve-wracking than walking up to someone in a bar and introducing yourself in the hope that they will talk to you.

But some experts are leery of the app. Using this app does not allow the user to decide if the person seems safe before a meeting. Even with online dating, you usually chat, email and have phone conversations before you meet. While not a guarantee, you can hopefully get a feel for the person.

Others argue that using the app is really no different than meeting the stranger in a bar or at a party.

But FindSomeone has been in operation for 10 years according to Davies. He stands by the app as being safe. Users are urged to read and follow the online safety guide. The company also offers a trust and safety team that is available to users 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They also screen every picture and profile.

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