New Online Gambling Deposit Option at All Slots

Mobile Casino AppsAll Slots online casino is known for its worldwide service and the fact that it has clients from all over the world, although, most of its clientele base is from Canada. The casino has announced that its entire clientele base from Canada is going to enjoy a brand new deposit option that was long awaited. This new deposit option is very secure and safe, and guaranteed to keep all personal information safe.

This brand new option for making deposits is the eCheck option, as it has been announced by the casino through an advisory from the press desk of the casino. This new option would enable the Canadian players who play at the All slots online casino to make instant deposits to their casino bank account. The major advantage of this option is that it doesn’t require any additional fees for making the deposit. The advisory also stated that the casino is always looking for more ways to comfort the clients by providing the most convenient and easy to use deposit and withdrawal methods.

Then, the statement advisory went on to explain how this new option for deposit (eCheck) is going to be used. The procedure is simple and easy, after the users enter the casino bank, they click on the eCheck option for deposit. If this is the first time for the player to use this method, then the casino bank will require a registration, a one-time deal. Then it’s a smooth ride form there, the player will have to type in his bank account information and the amount of money that he is planning to deposit. Of course, the bank account has to have sufficient money to do the deposit, and the bank account has to be owned by the player and holds his name. Then, the casino would send an electronic request to the bank for the funds that the player wants to deposit, and the bank will transfer and deposit these funds instantly. After the player makes the deposit, the money will be available on the spot for the player to spend it and wager with it on any games on the All Slots online casino.

On the other hand, the player can use this option to withdraw funds from the casino’s bank to his own bank account. This can be done by undergoing the same procedure as the deposit, but by selecting withdraw funds instead of deposit funds. The casino will follow the same steps to transfer the money to the player’s bank account that he specifies.

This wasn’t all what the advisory included, as it also stated that there are more advantages to the new deposit option. One of these advantages that despite that using a credit card to make deposit to an online casino is the most convenient way, but most users in Canada face problems such as rejections when they attempt to make a deposit with an online casino. So, this option would help all Canadians make deposits directly from their bank account to avoid credit card rejections.

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