New Jersey Upcoming Online Casino Gambling

atlantic city gamblingNew Jersey is still reeling under excitement after it was announced that the option to gamble online is now available for a trial period of five days. If you are one of those who has always wished to gamble with a swipe and click of a mouse in the Garden State, this is your opportunity!

The trial period is only to ensure that the systems are working fine. It will check various aspects such as whether the gamblers who are logging in are within the limits of New Jersey and whether all the gamblers are above the age of 21. Apart from these two aspects the trial period will also check whether the payment system is working well and whether the casino games are functioning well. The tests are now being conducted with 500 players who were invited to play online so that the various systems could be checked. They can log in anytime during this trial period window of 5 days.

If all the tests come through, the Garden state will be able to start gambling online from as early as Tuesday, 26th November, 2013. This is all very exciting news for all those involved with internet betting. New Jersey is the only state where casinos, that are available online, are offered after Delaware and Nevada.

Roulette, blackjack and an entire range of slot games will be available online. Now with these options available people can sit in the comfort of their very own homes and play their favorite online games 24/7. Every casino in New Jersey wants to now set up internet gaming by partnering with gaming sites because it seems to be the new rage.

This sure does revolutionize the accessibility of casinos. It also is a huge gamble in the hope of being able to work on the, stationary or even died out in some areas, casino industry. This same casino industry in the state used to be thriving and abundant with fortunes but has been sagging for the past 6 years or so.

A lot of people are terming this revolution of casino games online, as one of the biggest since 1978 when gambling in casinos began in 1978. Most casinos are making the most of it for example the Trump Casino is looking forward to offer 50 online games. The fact is that the revenue for the casinos had dropped from being approximately being $5 billion in the year 2006 to approximately $3 billion in the year 2012. Five casinos have even faced bankruptcy. Everyone is counting on this online casino venture as a savior.

The exciting news does not end here. Just a few hours prior to the trial run beginning, a new proposal was disclosed by a state lawmaker. This proposal was unveiled with one sole intention to get online gambling companies from other countries to expand their business to the Atlantic City. This proposal is called the Lesniak’s bill and will be completely bound by the Garden City’s regulations. The only catch seems to be that only gamblers from overseas can place bets.

The most surprising factor about casino playing online, is that it was a project that was completed in a very short time span with all the regulations in place. Every employee who has worked to make this happen is excited and at the same time surprised at how soon everything just came together.

Due to the way the company is structured, Ceasers Interactive had to go through a hearing to receive a license for the Internet gaming. It was a long hearing and there were a lot of question raised against Mitch Garber. This was because recently he had gotten in to trouble over his previous employment records. Both the companies that had been associated with him had gotten into trouble however, Garber himself was never in the picture. He also mentioned that according to the legal reports that he had read, he was lead to believe that internet gaming was legal in the US. However, when he found out that it wasn’t, he shut down the product immediately.

Once the online gambling is established all the players will have to do is sign up on the internet for an account. Once they are signed up, they can add money to their account through various options provided including the credit card, checking accounts and debit cards. Now blackjack and all other online casino games will be available from your laptops, PCs’s, tablets or any other mobile devices.

So gear up for the next generation of gambling on the internet to make as much money as you would like from the comfort of where ever you are in The Atlantic City. This is one promising venture that no doubt will be a lot of fun and at the same time assured ease of access.