New Jersey to Hire Online Gambling Expert

Online Casino GamblingNew Jersey to Hire Online Gambling Expert to Help Strengthen Gaming Regulations

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) is in the course of finalizing its regulations for online gambling and is about to name the consultant, who will help the division vet the completed draft. The related contract, which is set to commence on April 30, 2013, is for a single service provider to provide consultancy services covering four segments, namely, the preliminary stage, the testing and implementation phases as well as the maintenance aspect.

The NJDGE deems that a consultant, with well-rounded experience in handling gaming operations in accordance with the rules and regulations imposed by jurisdictions in the European Union, can help in determining whether its completed draft for Internet gambling regulations is adequate or still requires further adjustments. This includes identifying and addressing any unrecognized loopholes, which the NJ gaming and enforcement division, aims to address before it launches the Internet gambling regulations during the testing and implementation phase.

Although the regulators behind the completed draft disclosed that the drafting process involved extensive research work, they still need to make sure that there are no lapses or possible omissions. The consultant will also help the NJDGE properly evaluate the reasonableness of the responses and reactions of the NJ casino industry, during public consultation.

Part of the consultancy services is the performance of a GAP analysis, which entails the process of making a comparison of the actual results of the rules formulated, as against the results that NJDGE regulators aim to achieve once they enforce the Internet gaming regulations. In line with this objective, the consultant will likewise give the NJDGE specific advice and guidance related to audit procedures and technologies to put in place, to determine the reliability and integrity of the gaming systems used, as well as the accuracy of data integrated into the system.