New Jersey Gambling Legislation

New Jersey Online GamblingImportant news for the online gambling community in the state of New Jersey, as it have been reported that state senators Jim Whelan and Ray Lesniak are expecting their legislation bill that is concerned with online gambling to be viewed in front of the Senate to undergo the voting on the 31st of May 2012. This legislation bill has been going smoothly through procedures, as it has passed the Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee in the beginning of May.

Despite that, the legislation bill is not living up to Lesniak’s expectations as he was aiming and predicting that this bill would be approved and issued by both legislative authorities by April. So his new hopes that the implementation of this bill after approval would be done by the upcoming fall.

The state’s senates who are behind the bill, Jim Whelan and Ray Lesniak have been taking all elements into consideration when selecting the timing for the vote. They have taken in mind the holidays and the absence of some of the state’s senates and politicians in order to make sure that the supportive senates, the Democrats, will be existent at the vote. So they can guarantee the maximum support for their bill that they can get.

Another thing that will surely change some votes of the law makers, a thing that Jim Whelan and Ray Lesniak didn’t have in mind, the Dept. of Justice reverse definition and stand on online gambling. The DOJ has announced a statement, which kind of opposes its previous opinion on online gambling. The statement included a new definition to the Wire Act that was issued in 2011, as the Dept. of Justice defined it by saying that the Wire Act only applies to sport betting and wagering. This statement was analyzed by a lot of analysts, that it legalizes all forms of online gambling, excluding sport betting.

The state of New Jersey is not the only state on the path to legalize online gambling after the DOJ’s statement. The state of Nevada also joined the race, as the poker ambitions are already trying to legalize gambling and poker gaming from Atlantic City into the entire state of Nevada.



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