New Jersey Gambling Legalization Voting May 31

New Jersey Online GamblingIt has been announced by Ray Lesniak, the State Senator of New Jersey that the Senate version of the AB2578 bill that was proposed by him is planned to be viewed in front of the Senate in order to undergo a voting on the 31st of May. This bill is concerned with the legalization of internet gambling on an intrastate level. The previous version of the bill, the Assembly version (AB2578) has already passed through the House Committee with a vote of ratio 3:1 this last week. This success didn’t come easily as after reading some of the proposed measures, it is clear that the bill had to undergo a set of tough amendments.

Pokerstars will be scrutinizing a specific amendment in the bill, as this amendment would have a negative effect on its latest acquisition of Full Tilt Poker. The section mentioned is number thirty seven, as this section stated that any company that accepted wagers from residents of the U.S after the date of the 31st of December in 2006 will not be licensed. The date was chosen as this is the date when the UIGEA was first introduced. The section also included some prohibitions made specifically for any operators who will try to avoid and maneuver around this ban.

The analysts in the gambling industry say that such an amendment will strengthen the position and the support of big land based gambling operators who have been pushing for a legalized online market.

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