New iPod Touch 4 Craze

Now that the iPhone 4 release is over, it is time to move on to the iPod Touch 4. Users are hoping for all kinds of goodies on a yet to be announced version of the popular iPod. Apple of course is keeping mum on the situation. Internet rumors are running rampant now that the big iPhone 4 reveal is over.

The latest version of the iPod is expected to be revealed sometime early in September, just in time for holiday sales. There are various features that users have been asking for and may finally get this year. One popular request is a good camera on the device and even more specific, a forward facing camera. Early rumors suggests the new iPod may, in fact, have a 5-mega pixel camera that will have HD video capability as well. If the rumor is correct and a forward facing camera is part of the iPod 4 package, there is a good chance the iPod 4 will have video chat available via Apple’s FaceTime feature.

For those that enjoy playing games, there are rumors just for you too. A gyroscope may be included with the updated model, just like the one on the iPhone 4. The gaming feature is similar to that of a Nintendo Wii controller.

The culprit behind the majority of these rumors is the UK based retailer John Lewis. Lewis included the information at a slide show presentation that was quickly printed and published on a UK tech news site.

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