New Film Shows What Cyber Terrorists Have in Store for Us Next

cyber terroristsThe Next Move for Cyberwarfare Armies

‘Crow Hill’ is a new feature film that explores the issues and dangers of cyber-warfare and NSA surveillance. The plot involves the theft of new type of weapon, one made entirely of code, and the length the government is forced to go to as they attempt to recover it.   Pre-orders for this new movie are available here.

The creators are the team behind the acclaimed web series, The Silent City, which was filmed in the real life abanded buildings of New York City and was watched by millions of people online.

The events of Crow Hill are inspired by Operation Olympic Games, the covert US cyber-attacks to sabotage the Iranian nuclear program. A core component of that operation was a computer worm that became known as ‘Stuxnet’. It was a remarkably sophisticated computer virus that caused nuclear centrifuges to damage themselves by modifying the speeds at which they rotate. The code for Stuxnet has been available for over four years and in that time, modifications of that code could have produced computer viruses capable of anything from crashing thousands of planes out of the sky at once, to turning every traffic light to green.  Other very real threats could include attacks to power grids, the global banking system or even domestic nuclear power reactors.

These attacks happened without approval of the US congress or the consent of the American people. More than that, they have been kept hidden until the Snowden leaks confirmed that the US and Israel were indeed the authors of the virus, and that the operation began under President Bush and was accelerated in Obama’s first term.

Rubidium Wu, the writer of Crow Hill, was inspired by the events surrounding Stuxnet to imagine a world in which a powerful cyber weapon was stolen from the government while it was still being developed, by a group who intend to modify the virus and use it against targets in the US.

The events of Crow Hill portrays just such a theft, as well as the resulting operation the various clandestine government agencies conduct to capture the thieves and retrieve the weapon, all while trying to existence of the virus a secret.

“The more I researched the hidden world of cyber-warfare, the more it became apparent to me that this was the new frontier of global conflict and terrorism. We are the front line. It’s a war where our lives and the things we depend on are going to be targeted by foreign governments in retaliation for things our governments do. I tell a story that shows how this war began, that made it real.”

Like Silent City, the film is being funded through the Kickstarter crowd-funding platform. Backers can pledge money toward finishing the film, and in return can get rewards ranging from DVDs and props to signed original artwork and even a cameo in the film itself.

Rubidium Wu is an Australian filmmaker who directed commercials for Playstation, Nintendo and Nike. He lives and works in Brooklyn. New York.

The film’s star, Clem McIntosh, had a recurring role as Wellman in HBO’s hit series Boardwalk Empire.

The Crow Hill Kickstarter Campaign runs until March 31st. 

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