New & Exciting Changes At Salisbury City Church

Exciting changes and new developments are afoot at Salisbury City Church – the Newfrontiers church planted in Salisbury six and a half years ago.

Six families originally moved to the city to establish the new community and what was once a small group of 20 has risen to a regular congregation of about 120, with new visitors every week. A particular feature of the Newfrontiers church movement is its commitment to building up new leaders and encouraging its members to take an active part in church and community life. A second is to be “together on a mission” – being ready and prepared to ‘grow and go’, creating a worldwide community of dynamic and impacting churches, crossing cultural and racial boundaries.

To this end two significant new chapters are beginning. First of all Simon Redmill, who was trained for leadership through the move to the city and has been working full time with Salisbury City Church for the past two years, will be stepping into the position of Lead Elder from the beginning of May. This will release the current leader, Kevin Bartlett and his family, to be ‘sent’ by the local church to plant a new Newfrontiers community – in Madrid!
Simon says “In Salisbury City Church, and by God’s grace we’ve seen lives changed for the better, marriages restored and people find hope and purpose. This is all down to one fact: Jesus is alive!! Over the coming years we look forward to spreading this message of hope and serving our City in a variety of ways and so I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to lead Salisbury City Church”.

Kevin comments “These past years in Salisbury have been so satisfying. It has been an honour to engage with local people and start to build what is fast becoming a significant and useful part of the wider community. Now, with the practical and spiritual support of the church here, my family and I will be travelling to Madrid with the first intention of understanding local culture – learning the language, engaging with the community, getting to grips with the driving issues and pressing anxieties of people there. We are not taking an ‘English Church’ to Spain but rather seeking to build one relevant to and effective within their own context. But I’m also confident that there will be strong and happy connections between the two countries as each church community grows and develops: this is not good bye!”

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