New Cool Online Slots Machine Coming to Online Casino

New Cool Online Slots Machine Coming to Online Casino

The trend in games, even slot games at casinos, seems to be going the way of Angry Birds.  Humorous, cartoon animations, bright colors and the new offering from Microgaming software, is no different.  The Karate Pig slot game being released this month at online casinos that run Microgaming software, features a karate trained pig a couple of bonus rounds and fun fight cut scenes.  Even though the trend in console and PC games has continually moved towards more realism, arcade games and slot games seem to be going in a reverse course.  Could it be that gaming is becoming too serious and the ultimate goal of escapism is being lost in more realistic gaming?   Games like Angry Birds, Farmville and now Karate Pig, represent simple entertainment and a disconnect from reality.

Depending on the personality traits of the player, both unrealistic and realistic games will offer something to everyone.  Both types of games are capable of holding a player’s attention for hours.  So, if you are looking for a way to get away and just have some fun entertainment, then Karate Pig will appeal to you.  The game can be found at a number of online casinos such as Lucky Nugget and Jackpot City.

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