Nevada’s First Legal Online Poker Certified

Online GamblingNevada’s First Legal Online Poker Certified By Independent Testing Firm

Nevada-based Ultimate Gaming, the first legal real-money online poker website in the U.S,. passed the independent testing conducted by Gaming Laboratories International LLC (GLI).

GLI is one of the firsts testing labs approved by the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) in 2012. This was in accordance with the provisions of Assembly Bill 279, which authorizes NGCB to engage the services of independent testing laboratories (ITL) to inspect and certify “any gaming device, associated equipment, cashless wagering system, mobile gaming system or interactive gaming system, or any components thereof.”

GLI’s certification denotes that Ultimate Gaming and its online gaming technology passed standards aimed at protecting the interest of the State of Nevada in its bid to offer competitive gaming. The ILT’s task is to assist the NGCB in testing the credibility and reliability of the online gaming device, based on criteria that will ensure the fairness, security, transparency and operational efficiency of the gaming equipment and its appurtenances, in terms of player protection and revenue collection.

Testing of the gaming device is also in accordance with the local policies set by the Nevada gaming jurisdiction, which GLI recognizes as a separate set of criteria to observe.

Examples of tests performed, include but are not limited to the following:

  • Determining the integrity of the game to ensure that it is not susceptible to external influences that affect fairness; or to cheating, by either the online operator or other players;
  • That the Random Number Generator and random selection process is not influenced by external factors, including electromagnetic, electro-static and radio frequency interferences.
  • In cases where electro-static discharges cause temporary disruption, the gaming device must exhibit the capacity to recover and complete games in progress without loss or corruption of critical data.