Nevada Laws Amended for Online Gambling Pact

Online GamblingNevada’s state legislature passed Assembly Bill (AB) 360, which revises the language of some existing provisions governing interactive gaming in the state’s jurisdiction.

One such provision reworded was Section 6 of Assembly 114 enacted in February 21, 2013, which contained language that gave the Nevada Gaming Commission the power to authorize the State Governor to enter into agreements with other states or its authorized agencies in behalf of Nevada.

AB 360 rewords the particular passage as one that gives the State Governor authority to enter into agreement with other governments upon the recommendation of the Nevada Gaming Commission, to allow patrons physically located within the jurisdiction of a signatory government to participate in online gambling facilities offered by one or more operators licensed by the signatory governments.

The amendment further explains the term “government” as one that includes governmental units of other nations, another U.S. state or local bodies that exercise governmental functions outside of the U.S.

In line with this, Assembly 360 further amends the authority given to the Nevada Gaming Commission, by stating the right of the regulatory body to include specific requirements or conditions that interactive agreements must meet before the State Governor enters in to any compact in behalf of Nevada with another government. Such requirements may include the form, duration and terms of the agreement in relation to revenue sharing and distribution, resolution of patron disputes, information furnished to Nevada’s regulatory bodies, and the procedures conducted for any special rules or notices that may be necessary.

AB 360 likewise contains limitations on the authority of the State Governor, which precludes entering into agreement with a government that allows licensing of operators, service providers, manufacturers and distributors considered as not suitable in accordance with Nevada’s requirements.