Nevada Gambling Control Allows Betting on WSOP

PokerIt has been confirmed that gamblers will be able to put wagers on the WSOP this year. This confirmation was made after the Gambling Control Board of Nevada ruled that bookmakers who are licensed, and follow certain standards will be eligible to make and take bets on the last day of each event. This ruling excludes several events, these excluded events are the first event, the fifth event and the 1 million buy in event that is done for charity.

To clarify more, these terms and conditions are needed in order for any wagers on the WSOP to be legal:

1)     The bookmakers that will offer and make the betting have to supply the enforcement division with papers that indicates that the bookmaker is familiar with the terms. These terms are to be sent through email to

2)     Any betting and wagers has to be stopped before the first hand is dealt by five minutes. All wagers are final and can’t be changed during the game.

3)     All wagers will be waged upon the players who are in the last day of each event only. Any wagers are not to be accepted if they are wagers on players in any other day than the last.

4)     Wagers are prohibited on three events; the 1 million buy in charity event, the first event and the fifth event.

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