Nevada Drafts Policies for Interstate Online Poker

Online Casinos 888 and Net EntNevada Drafts Policies for Interstate Online Poker in Consultation with the Public

In line with Nevada’s Assembly Bill 14, which permits the State of Nevada to expand online poker coverage by entering into agreements with other U.S. states, the Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC) is currently soliciting the public’s opinion. A statewide public consultation is vital to the drafting of the policies, to ensure that NGC’s rules and regulations will take into consideration all possible issues related to interactive gambling, including revenue sharing deals between states. Moreover, other state lawmakers and governors will thoroughly evaluate the strength and integrity of such regulations, before allowing their respective residents to play poker online via the facilities of Nevada’s online casinos.

Some examples of the issues that need threshing out include determining whom to task in handling any gaming disputes that may arise between interstate players. Another area of concern is the basis for deciding the location of shared interstate gambling revenues, between agreeing states and the state of Nevada. The objective of which is to formulate clear cut policies for calculating revenues, whether to base the amounts on the location where the players placed their bets or where the servers of online casinos are situated.

The Nevada Gaming Commission welcomes any other comments or suggestions on what to include as relevant measures in managing or controlling interstate online gambling deals and activities. Licensees and interested individuals should state the specific reasons why or why not, as well as cite any legal support related to their viewpoint/s. The deadline for filing of the comments is on April 12, 2013.


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