Nevada and Legalized Online Gambling

Bet365 Industry LeaderIt has been known for some time now that there are a lot of American states intending to join the world of regulated online gambling. Despite that, any official laws still have a long way before enactment. For starters, it has been stated that the officials from the state of Delaware are on their way to explore more into the world of regulated and licensed internet gambling. The state officials already attended numerous meetings with the Delaware’s gambling community’s representatives. These meetings were intended to discuss the possibility of the state to legalize and regulate online gambling. It also included the possible regulation of intra state gambling activities.

This will lead to the granted permission for more venues of gambling. It also offered a lot of lighter financial breaks to the land bases casinos in Delaware. These lighter laws are made in order to encourage the land casinos to support their efforts. These lighter breaks included cutting down the table game fees down to 3 million dollars, prior to being 6.75 million dollars. It will also eliminate the 4 million dollars fees for slot machine that is paid by the land casinos; this will be done by utilizing part of the online gambling revenue to cover these fees.

Onto another state, as Senator Ray Lesinak from New Jersey stated that everyone should start dealing with the regulated online gambling market as a fact, as it is predicted to become a reality by next fall. Senator Ray Lesniak and Senator Whelan’s bill has passed the Appropriations Committee and the Senate Budget this month. It is expected to undergo a full senate voting on the 31st of May. Lesniak has chosen this date carefully in order to make sure that all of the Democrats are present in order to guarantee maximum support on his proposed bill. He has high hopes for this bill; his hopes are based on two reasons.

The first one is that the state of Nevada is getting closer to making a regulated internet poker system. It is important for the state of New Jersey that Atlantic City makes the first move before Las Vegas. The second reason is the statement coming from the Dept. of Justice in December 2011. This statement said that the Wire Act was only meant for the sport and horse raging online wagers, and didn’t illegalize other forms of internet gambling. Such statement subliminally means that all other forms of online gambling are legal.

Not all states are in favor of legalizing online gambling. The state of Utah already eliminated any chance of legalizing the online gambling market Utah by totally criminalizing it. Gary Herbert, the governor of Utah has sent a letter to important Congressional leaders asking them not to approve any federal law that would legalize online gambling on a nationwide level.


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