Netflix Streaming over Gaming Consoles

netflixNetflix is an easy to use DVD rental and delivery service. It offers a selection of thousands of different movie, television and documentary titles for delivery and instant download. A new popular feature is the instant streaming option available online and through different gaming consoles.

Currently this option can be used with online programs on Xbox 360, PS3, and the Nintendo Wii. For people who are unsure that the service is for them, Netflix offers a free one month trial membership for new users. It is completely risk free, and can be canceled at any time. Here’s the thing about using a gaming console for Netflix. Wii, not HD, the quality is sub par and looks much better from the PS3 or Xbox. Xbox however, charges a monthly service fee called their gold package, which is the only way you can use Netflix on that console. If you are going to using a gaming console then PS3 is both free and HD. Another option would be to use a Netflix capable Blu Ray player.

While some people prefer the online streaming choice, the delivery option is still popular. For a little more a month, one can get unlimited DVD rental and delivery. There is no maximum about of DVDs that can be rented. Instead the user can create a list of desired rentals and as one is returned, the next one is shipped out.

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  1. PS3 is the best for streaming netflix and watching blu ray…and the Move has completely re invented the way motion control gaming should be..All around PS3 would be the best console.

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