Netflix Brings New Fans to TV Shows with Xbox and Online Streaming

netflix xboxThe Netflix online streaming service is bringing some new fans to shows that have been around for awhile.  Lie to Me has increased its fan base by at least double since the show’s season one and season two showed up on Netflix.  Disney must have gotten wind of this because Netflix is now showing a lot of Disney programming.  Shows like Lost and Ugly Betty are being revisted for the 6th maybe 7th time by loyal watchers as well.

Perhaps other networks like Nickelodeon will start releasing their hits like iCarly.  With the Netflix service you can get through about three seasons of about three different shows before they add new content.  It seems like a fair trade considering the cost of cable pay services like HBO and Showtime.

Netflix is very affordable for the content they deliver.  Watching Netflix from you Wii, Xbox or  just your laptop makes for great viewing.

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