Netflix and Xbox Live Internet Streaming Movies

Netflix Redbox BlockbusterWhile Netflix was previously only available to subscribers via disc delivery and internet streaming downloads, the times have changed. With video gaming systems now being able to connect to the internet and interact with players across the world, a new market opened up. Netflix started integrating with the gaming community in 2008.

Starting with the Microsoft run Xbox, Netflix began teaming up with gaming systems to expand the network they could provide to. Xbox live, the online community was the first to offer the disc rental service through their game system. Users could now watch the download ready movies through their Xbox.

This collaboration sparked the interest of other gaming systems such as the Sony PlayStation and the Nintendo Wii. Currently all three of these systems offer Netflix through their online communities. The videos available to watch are the same ones that can be instantly watched on the Netflix website. While a separate Netflix account is required, the cost is minimal and the variety of movies made available make it worth the cost.

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