Netflix Adds Desperate Housewives Seasons 1-6

Desperate Housewives on NetflixDesperate Housewives, the long running ABC show, now in its seventh season is making a lot of new fans because of Netflix.  Netflix recently added six seasons of this prime time soap to its streaming library which can be accessed via, internet ready Blu-Ray devices as well as Xbox,PS3,Wii and online.  To peg this show as a soap opera really puts it in a box that it doesn’t necessarily stay contained to.  Desperate Housewives has just as much intrigue, cliffhangers and heart as ‘Lost’ and a lot of wit and comedy.

Netflix is making this show accessible for those that are fans of viewing television series in a back to back format.  There has been a growing desire for this type of programming as the entire series runs without commercials and those pesky weeks in between someone getting shot, stabbed, run over, kidnapped or held hostage type cliffhangers that Desperate Housewives is chock full of.  Learn more from the Desperate Housewives Episode Guide.

New fans and old fans alike appreciate the programming like Desperate Housewives that Netflix is acquiring.  Netflix has a number of different rate plans, but the streaming only plan is becoming their top subscription plan.  Find out more about Desperate Housewives by visiting ABC.

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