Multi-million Selling Author Teams Up With The Digital Publishing Revolution

New York Times best-selling author Herbie Brennan has joined the digital age in a new partnership with electronic publishers Andrews UK Ltd., by digitally publishing Brennan’s first adult novel in almost forty years — a fictional memoir of the Sixties entitled Madame de Gaulle’s Penis.

Brennan, who has published more than 100 books through conventional channels and currently enjoys best-seller status in the U.S., Germany, Italy and France with his teenage fantasy fiction, joined the growing team of Andrews UK authors following a turbo-charged two-day negotiation.

“I’ve been interested in the potential of electronic publishing for more than a year now,” Brennan said, “but had no expertise in the new technology. I stumbled on Andrews UK in a newspaper article and liked what I read. When I made contact, I liked their no-nonsense approach even more. After that, it was the fastest contract negotiation of my entire career!”

Andrews UK specialises in digital publishing across a wide range of formats, including iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and Kindle, publishing both ebooks and audio books.

With multi-million sales worldwide through conventional channels, Brennan is enthusiastic about the potential of electronic publishing. “I believe the industry is currently undergoing a revolution and the weird thing is that so many old-established publishers behave as if they haven’t even noticed. In those circumstances, it’s up to individual authors to make sure they aren’t left behind.”

Madame de Gaulle’s Penis is a roller-coaster, laugh-a-minute, comic thriller cast as the fictional autobiography of a broadcaster who resolves to assassinate a famous politician… deeply hindered by the workings of his own imagination.

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