Motorola Droid X Jailbreak is Almost Impossible

Droid X Jailbreak

The jailbreak for iPhone 4 came right away after the release of the recent and much hyped device of the decade created by Apple Inc. However iPhone 4 jailbreak is completely hard to find for all people using iPhone 4 by now, the jailbreaking procedures of iPhone 4 has been successfully done.

Motorola and Google’s biggest Android smartphone under Verizon Wireless, Droid X, made a great debut in U.S. smartphone arena. Droid X received amazing feedback from the public and positive review and rating from technical experts and critics.

Since the Droid X is finally available in the market the efforts to jailbreak it has also started! But the hackers and jailbreakers groups were surprised to see this little ‘eFuse’ which is a sort of a little chip that can literally shutdown Motorola Droid X!

According to some hackers who try to hack or unlock the Motorola Droid X, the ‘eFuse’ automatically come into action, and makes the mobile useless. It seems like the Droid X has a special detection tool, once the device detects any foreign software and change, it immediately turns droid X permanently quit.

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