Motorola Droid X Has a Death Grip

Motorola Droid X Death Grip

Last month Apple, American multinational corporation founded in 1976 and located at Cupertino, California, organized a press conference and admitted that the malfunctioning iPhone 4 antenna was the real deal. After the press –conference the company has been busy hunting down other smartphones producer that may drop bar signals when held tightly.

Recent smartphone featured on Apple’s iPhone 4 antenna page is the just recently released Motorola Droid X. It is very interesting to see how Steve Jobs and his company forced to spend a lot of time, money, and energy in searching or hunting down antenna issues on other smartphones out there. It is very obvious that Apple rely wanted to prove that almost every smartphone have an antenna issues, and to avoid being accused of blowing up such issues.

Apple’s way of demonstrating the antenna issues on other smartphones is utterly useless though, according to Mobileburn’s Michael Oryl. However, the company proclaimed that they doesn’t know what the problem is though, so we guess Apple’s engineers should mentored MobileBurn also to keep up to speed.

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