Most Livable Places for Bicyclers

EnvironmentIt’s no surprise that riding a bike is not only excellent exercise, but it’s also great for the environment.  Some cities are better than others in dealing with bicycle riders, and it is the primary means of transportation in many of them.  So what are the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world?  In Europe, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, and Paris top the list.  In the United States, it is clear that cars are the primary means of transportation for most people, but in Boulder, CO, Chicago, IL, Davis, CA, and Portland OR you are pretty safe to ride your bike wherever you want to go.  Ottawa, Canada is also a very bicycle friendly city.  Cape Town, South Africa, Bogota, Colombia, and Perth, Australia are also some places where bicycles rule the roads.  Perhaps the most popular city for bicycles though is Beijing, China, which boasts the most bicycles in the world.


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