More Legal US Poker Sites Popping Up

Online Video PokerAnother Free-To-Play online poker website was launched in the United States this Tuesday. This website was launched by American Casino and Entertainment properties, the parent group of the Stratosphere & Arizona Charlie in Vegas. This website is called

The members of will be able to win prizes that include tickets for Las Vegas shows and tickets to thrill rides of the Stratosphere. It will also include a free stay at the American Casino & Entertainment casino hotels that are located within the borders of Nevada. This website is available for poker fans 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Commenting on this, the gaming development director stated that through this new website that is free to play, they will be able to provide players with the excitement of competitive poker play without risking their own money. This website is going to be available for anyone who has a stable internet connection, regardless of their location. He also said that they are positioning the website to become a legal internet gaming operator if it is ever legalized.

This is not the first website of its kind as other US and foreign gambling operators have launched their own poker websites that allows players to enjoy multi-player poker for free without risking real money. This is considered as a prelude to the legalized internet poker operations. Some of them require a monthly fee and some of them do not. Another website that has the same concept as is This website allows players to enjoy poker for free while choosing one of two memberships. There is the free membership, the “Basic Membership” and there is the paid membership, the “VIP Membership. VIPs will be able to participate in multi table scheduled tournaments and $100,000 sweepstakes on WPT events alongside Las Vegas discounts. As for the free membership holders, they will be able to join freerolls tournaments.

Apart from poker games and sweepstakes, ClubWPT also provides players with numerous resources and articles that would aid them in taking their poker game to the next level. All of these tips and strategies are provided to them by poker pros who changed the world of poker.

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