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Mobile Casino Switches to Review Format

The longtime informative, article-based website, which follows everything related to mobile casino games,, has now turned to a review and guide format.  The new direction for the website is in response to the rapidly changing nature of them mobile games market.  Now serving as a review site, the website is now able to quickly cover any new additions to the already thousands of games that are being served now.  The casino apps market is currently undergoing a re-thinking of sorts in response to Zynga Poker’s news that they will soon go the route of real wager gaming., along with other sites following this market, are having to adapt to a market that will immediately need to either become more competitive or simply throw their hands up to the power of Zynga.

This mobile casino site has decided to create a fast way to follow the changing market. The new site design is easy to navigate and still offers the same great informative style with unique viewpoints as it did in the past.  The website now offers a way to quickly glance which casino apps are highly rated and then breaks down the rating system by ranking the respectability of the app developer, the games that are offered in the casino app as well as the promotions being offered.

Overall, the new changes to the design and format of this website are a major improvement considering the purpose for the change.  Faster access to information in such a fast growing market is simply a necessity and has shown that they are in for the long game.


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