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Freeapps.orgThe options of games available on phone application are endless but one called Squareball is particularly fun according to its users. This phone app is for individuals who would like a combination of Pong, Super Mario brothers and breakout. It involves all three features of each game making is quite interesting to play.

There is no round ball in this game but rather a square one that needs to be moved left and right in order to collect blocks for points. Just as a player of the Super Mario Bros game needs to avoid falling into holes; this squareball will need to make its way through levels using the same concept. The player must also avoid other things such as red blocks because this will cause the user to lose a life. The white square ball will need to bounce and move it way through the levels but cannot rest on the red blocks. Although this phone app may sound very simple because of its few colors, it isn’t. As the levels progress on, the game becomes harder and more difficult.

There are more challenges of holes and red block. The game itself doesn’t appear to be anything special. It gives off a 3D appearance but doesn’t have any crazy special effects which is just as well to keep the users focus. For people who appreciate a good, competitive game, then this is the idea phone app.

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