Microgaming and Eurofootball

Microgaming the online gaming software developer and provider has entered an agreement with Eurofootball Ltd., the internet poker provider. This deal will see Microgaming providing the games suite of its Quickfire internet casino which is a flash based casino to Eurofootball Ltd.

It has been stated by Microgaming that Eurofootball Ltd. has chosen Quickfire flash based casino gaming products because they are the best in the market and because they provide the players with an amazing gambling experience.

Commenting on this, Ashley Sandyford-Sykes has stated that Microgaming is more than glad and excited that Eurofootball has chosen Microgaming’s Quickfire platform. She added that the platform and the gaming products are surely going to succeed greatly in this venue.

She added that the products are going to attract more players and it will also satisfy the needs of the current players. She added that they are very glad to be working hand in hand with Eurofootball and that they are hoping to always help Eurofootball in its future and its amazing offerings. Eurofootball is going to use the Microgaming platform in order to offer its players a wide collection of live dealer games alongside miniature ones.

This plan is designed to  expand and enhance Microgaming ‘s client base in the Eastern European market.

On the other hand, representing Eurofootball, Martin Simeonov stated that the choice to utilize Quickfire platform from Microgaming was a very logical and the smart choice.

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