Mel Gibson Likely to be Charged with Misdemeanor Domestic Violence

Mel Gibson ChargesIt has been a while since Mel Gibson and baby mama Oksana Grigorieva have been in the headlines, but that is all about to change. It appears that the district attorney’s office is ready to file charges in the case against Mel in concern to the physical altercation between him and Oksana.

TMZ reported that the district attorney is likely to file charges sometime this week and even as early as today. What was first thought to be considered a felony domestic violence charge will now more likely be a low level misdemeanor. Mr. Gibson has a decision whether to fight the charges being brought against him, or to plead guilty and take the appropriate punishment.

It is supposed that the punishment will be fines as well as community service or a probationary period. It is reported that the actor is considering pleading guilty in order to avoid a heavily publicized court battle which would bring stress on him and his family.


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