Match Fixing has met its Match in eSports new Code of Conduct

apple_ipad_gamesIn the world of betting, fairness is often questioned among the big winners. In the days of the Wild West, integrity was often questioned by the barrel of a gun and decided by the fastest draw. However, in today’s betting industry a code of compliance has been difficult to find within the lucrative commerce of eSports. This has led to quite the concern over how to create a community people know is protecting their money from someone else’s deceit.

Enter eSports betting company Unikrn. While the name may suggest an unattainable mythical creature, the company which promotes itself as “the global leader” in eSports betting promises a “safe and and legal place to gather, game, and bet on eSports.” This begs the question: how does an industry without a code of conduct keep your money safe from illegal corruption?

It turns out that Unikrn is now looking to respond to that question. Where once there was no standardized rules to abide by, Unikrn is now looking to close loopholes and address illegal activity by creating an eSports code of conduct for all betting enthusiasts in the eSports world to be held accountable to in the future. With investors like Ashton Kutcher and billionaire Mark Cuban, Unikrn has realized the need to live up to its standard of “safe and legal” so that gamers can enjoy their betting without the fear of being played.

Back in October, this need for stricter rules came to the forefront of the betting industry when South Koreon media began reporting that 12 Koreans had been arrested and two were barred for life from competition from competitive play in any matches sanctioned by eSports. This took place over the online game StarCraft 2, and it brought about more demand that stronger rules be created and followed. Without these rules, players find themselves putting their money into a pool threatened by organized crime at any moment.

Back in March, the gaming world was shaken when a South Korean gamer almost took his own life after being connected to another cheating scandal. The serious nature of both the allegations and the passion of the gaming community means the necessary steps ahead need to be taken faster and with a confident stride. Companies are now not only facing losing money but lives over the illegal acts taking place within the community they love and promote.

Unikrn CEO Rahul Sood, is working hard to set a standard for competition gaming rules, and he hopes this can lay a concrete foundation on which other companies will follow suit. As a company that prides itself on employees who are all “passionate gamers”, Unikrn has to step up to the game to prove its integrity as well. Creating a stronger foothold for the standards of eSports will provide a sense of safety and security that gamers have been seeking. This is the next step everyone has been waiting for, and Unikrn is ready and willing to be the first company to take it.