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Does Creating a Successful Marketing Campaign Include Vine?

How to create a successful ad campaign on Vine

You have surely noticed that advertising campaigns have moved slowly but surely towards the online environment. Big companies keep their ads on TV or radio, but small businesses that do not have such a big budget for promotion turn increasingly often towards social media. The reason behind this I simple, as platforms such as Vine are free to use and offer great potential for turning their content into something viral.

The following are useful tips to take into consideration if you want to take full advantage of the video sharing platform powered by Twitter:

  • Select your target audience carefully. Just like on Facebook, Vine offers the advantage or a large user database. So think about who your potential customers are before uploading your videos.
  • Test different types of content and monitor the reaction of your followers. It is important to find the method that works best for your business.
  • Upload entertaining content. The most interesting, creative and entertaining videos are featured on Facebook and other social networks, so you don’t have to spend any money for making your videos viral if the content you are uploading is unique and impressive.
  • Follow your fans back. Even though in social networks it is more important for users to follow you, you can create more engagement and gain the trust of potential customers by following other accounts. You can get Vine followers from professional companies to really get some eyeballs on your campaigns
  • Make an ad that will stand out. Engaging videos certainly attract attention and are a very good idea if you want to gain visibility. Simple and tasteless videos that do not impress your audience will not bring you any good. Vine offers you the opportunity to be creative and you should take full advantage of the platform. Time lapse videos are just an idea for making your videos more spectacular.

ADI’s Weekly Look at Domains and Internet Marketing

If you are one of those that educate themselves about business and marketing, then you may have noticed, in following the trends, that many of the markets are in what appears to be a shift in competition.  Gambling website marketing appears to be gaining more competitors with what are probably the hopes that US legalization is finally around the bend.

Other markets are losing competitors as the old school domainers an

Internet Marketing Domain Buying and Domain Selling Strong Numbers

How to Buy an Internet Domain

You have some great ideas that you would like to post on the internet. You may want to offer items for sale, or you might want to offer some great information on a given subject. The thing is you are not certain how to post this information. You do some research and discover that you need to buy a domain. Actually, it sounds much more difficult than it actually is.

The easiest way to have the domain name that is perfect for you is to buy one that has already been created. You can check for domain names by visiting to see if it available. Once you find a domain name you are interested in purchasing it is imperative to go to The Wayback Machine. This will tell you if the domain name has ever been associated with pornography or any subject that might cause you negative issues in the future. You should also check with to determine if the domain name has ever been blacklisted.

If you decide to create your own domain name there are specific ideas you need to consider making certain you are making a wise choice. For example, be 100% certain that the name is directly related to your business. You should be as specific as possible. You need to remember that shorter names are much easier to remember than longer names. The key to your domain name is that people will know about it and remember it so try to keep the name as short as possible.

You also need to choose a name that will avoid any possible legal conflict. For example, if you select a name such as Google because it is ‘perfect’ for your business, chances are you will be contacted by an attorney as soon as it hits the internet. You cannot use another person’s popular name or you will be inviting a lawsuit. You can easily enter your proposed domain name on a search engine. If the name brings up an existing name, chances are it is already being used.

You will want to use your keyword tool of choice, to see if your chosen domain name uses popular keywords. This will make them more search engine friendly. This, of course, is the goal of choosing the best domain name for your needs.

You will quickly learn how important quality content and ‘links’ are in the world of the internet. The more people you can get to link with your site, the more exposure you will have. The name, however, must appeal to Webmasters and bloggers in order for them to want to link with you.

Another key to success is to choose the best top-level domain. This means you can choose from .com, .net, .org, .info, and so forth. Your choice might depend on where you live. People living in the United States should consider as it is considered as the professional choice when it comes to .com domains.

How to Sell Your Domain

Selling domains is a great way to make a steady income, especially if they are purchased over time and during sale auctions. For those who are interested in selling a domain, there are a few tips and tricks to help sell domains faster while also receiving the value each domain is worth as well. Before selling a domain outright, it is important to review the various methods available to help with expediting the process while getting the price that the domain has been valued for as well.

Pricing the Domain

First, pricing the domain that is being sold is an essential part of gaining interest from potential buyers. Before a domain price can be set, it is important to understand various estimated values of the domain based on what was invested into the domain as well as its overall popularity online at the time of the sale listing.

Using a Domain Listing Service

Professional domain listing services are available to help with selling any domain, although it may cost a percentage of the sale to use the service. Domain listing services provide the full listings, valuation and promotion of a domain listing that is being posted on its site to help with getting as many potential buyers and onlookers as possible to view the domain and its potential.

Research Prices and the Value of the Domain

Before settling on a price to list a domain, researching different market prices of similar domains is highly recommended. Research various domains with similar keywords and also conduct more research on understanding the keywords that are relevant to the domain that is being sold. The more details understood about the domain name’s market and potential, the more likely it is to be sold at a higher price to potential investors or business entrepreneurs.

Categorizing a Domain for Increased Sale Potential

When others plan to purchase domains, they are often seeking a specific type of domain based on keywords, words used within the domain as well as the industry the domain is representing. Categorizing a domain when listing it for sale can help to attract potential niche buyers who are interested in domains with specific words and purposes already in place. Categorizing a domain will also help to justify the asking price based on whether or not there is already an audience, traffic or if the keywords in the domain are relevant to a specific industry or topic that can easily be remembered and recalled.

Obtaining Professional Domain Appraisals

For anyone who is truly unfamiliar with the domain-pricing market or for those who are still running additional businesses, working together with a professional domain appraiser can help with setting a price on any type of domain, regardless of the industry the domain represents based on its keywords. Working with a professional service that provides domain name appraisals will allow you to gain insight into the type of market the domain is ideal for as well as the popular keywords that may surround the domain, helping to boost the site URL’s overall value. Domain Buying Internet Marketing Suggestions

Choosing the Best Domain Name

One of the most important steps in setting up an online business is choosing a suitable domain name. This domain name is the identity of your business on the internet and in some cases, you may have seen signs on brick and mortar stores with a .com. This is why you have to be certain that the domain name you choose fits your company and the business. It also has to be easy to promote and find.  If you are setting up a new online business and you need help with choosing the domain name, here are some guidelines that will help you with that.

The Easier the Better

The easier it is typed, the better it is. You have to put a lot of thought into this because you want users to find it easily. This also means that you should not use any slang or words that have more than one way of spelling. This will only make it harder for the customers to locate your website.

Keep the Domain Name Short

A short domain name is easier to remember, spell and find. It also reduces the chances that users might misspell the name.

Keywords are a Must

You will have to choose keywords that are related to your business in order to describe it. Such keywords will help customers find your website and it will enhance the ranking of your website on the different search engines. This should directly result in an increase of traffic.

Stay away from Numbers or Hyphens

Adding numbers or hyphens in your domain name is not recommended. They can be misunderstood. So if you have to use them in the domain, make sure to register the other variations.

Localize your Domain Name

You have to localize your domain name if the business is a local one. For example, you can add the state or the city’s name to the domain. This will make it easier for local customers to remember and find.

Research the name before Registering

In order to avoid any legal issues, research the domain name so you can make sure that it is not copyrighted or trademarked. is the government database of searchable, trademarked names.

Make sure the Name Sticks

On the internet, there are literally millions of domain names. So, in order to stand out of the crowd, you have to choose a catchy and a memorable domain name.

Protect your Domain name

You have to protect your domain name and brand. You can do that by buying the different extensions of the domain name. You also have to buy the different misspelled variations of it.

Use the Appropriate Extension

The extension of the domain name is the suffix that is located at the end of the address of the website like .COM, .NET and .ORG. Each extension has its own use, so make sure to use the most suitable one. The .COM extension is the most commonly used extension. Then there’s the .ME domain extension which is being used for personalizing a domain name and also used for “media”.

Be Quick

Domain names are a hot commodity, they are sold quickly. This is why you have to be quick and register the domain name you want before it is too late.

Purchase aftermarket domain names at or read more about domain marketing here.

Buy Websites, Buy Domains, BuyDot.Org Speaks to Small Business, where small businesses can get a head start on the internet with ready-made websites and aged domains, recently released a series of suggestions on how to stay competitive with a small business website.

If you are trying to build a website, whether you are an expert or new to the internet, here are the aforementioned suggestions.

1- Keep the Design Simple and Clean

You have to remember that the website’s main purpose is not to surprise the user with designing skills. Its main purpose is to provide users with a simple and a clear design that helps them in reaching what they want. For instance, if it is an online shop, then the main purpose is for users to view products and buy them.

2- Easy Navigation

Visitors appreciate a website that is easy to navigate through. A website that allows them to reach what they want in the least amount of time. If you successfully achieve that, you are guaranteed that visitors will visit your website again. You can do that by integrating a simple navigation bar that is located in the same place on every single page of the website.

3- Strong Calls to Action

Using a strong call to action would help you increase your sales. You have to be clear, for example, Order Now, “Buy Websites Now“, “Buy Domains Now” or Call us for more information are great ways to let visitors know what you want them to do.

4- Above the Fold is the place for Captivating Content

The fold is a term that describes the bottom of the visitors’ window. Customers who would want to see below that fold will have to scroll down. This is why you have to make sure that you have captivating content above the fold. This will make visitors more eager to scroll down to see the rest of the content.

5- Signup Forms

You are advised to enable customers to contact you and stay in touch. The best way to do that is by providing them with an easy and a simple sign-up form. This would help you build a good base of clients. In order to attract them to sign-up, you can offer incentives such as discounts, offers or advice.

6- Provide Contact Information

You have to provide customers with means of contact. You can add a business number or a Contact Page. This would increase your credibility as a website owner.

7- Images are Important

Make sure to invest in pictures because they can say a lot about your product. Make sure that your product images are big and clear. So do not be afraid to invest in them as they will pay for themselves in time.

8- Make a Sitemap

A Sitemap is a map that shows your entire website and the relationship between the different pages. They are used by search engines, such as Bing and Google, to index the pages.

9- Make it SEO Friendly

Making your website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly will enable users to find it easily. Make sure that your website is of a high rank in most commonly used search engines such as Google and Bing.

10- Resizing Images

If you took the pictures using a digital camera, they will have a big file size and they will load very slowly on your website. This is why resizing and converting the pictures to 72 dpi is recommended.

Buying ready-made websites or aged domains are two more ways to get an advantage in competing for similar keywords on the search engines. specializes in selling easy to remember and customer relate-able  domain names.

Best WordPress Backup Solution 2012

Best WordPress Backup Solution 2012

After trying different WordPress backup plugins and backup options I finally found an option that works fast, easy and is hassle free.

If you’re not using BlogVault already, you should give them a try; in my opinion BlogVault has the absolutely best backup solution for WordPress sites.

Murphy said it and you’d better believe it. If anything can go wrong it probably will.

But when you are running a website or blog with high traffic, you can’t afford disasters.  And disaster could come in many ways. You could lose your database to an envious competitor or a hacker with something to prove breaking into the website. Being prepared and creating a back-up is your only defense.

WordPress has made the tough task of creating a back-up for an entire web site simple through a wide range of plug-ins. However, to do this you’d require some amount of technical knowledge of how WordPress works. Besides, most back-up solutions need an email address to send the data to and, if your file size if 20MB or more, which there is a good chance it will be, your Gmail inbox won’t be able to receive it. Even Google Drive and Dropbox have their limitations and creating back-ups won’t be easy.

BlogVault for WordPress

This is where BlogVault comes to the rescue. The service works on all WordPress sites and specializes in automated back-up and restoration. It is user friendly and does not need any configuration after the set-up. To restore your site through this service, all you have to do is log on to the BlogVault dashboard and run the restore function. Your site will be up within moments.

The service also allows you to test its restore function. You can temporarily use a back-up to restore the site. If it doesn’t meet your requirement, you can go back and make the necessary changes. This helps you see how your site will look once it is restored instead of checking it once disaster has struck, which will be rather too late.

BlogVault also helps in transferring data to other domains. If, at some point you want to change your domain, the BlogVault service will help you upload back-up files to the new site and change the database and permalinks. Even if all you need is help in migrating to a new site, and not a back-up, BlogVault is still worth it.

Compared to other, similar services, BlogVault makes incremental back-ups to previous ones in order to reduce load on the server. It has multiple back-up versions to choose from. The security is high and one can download individual files from any of the previously backed-up data — a feature missing in other services.

BlogVault Pricing

There is a free seven-day trial. Since it’s the most advanced WordPress backup solution out there, BlogVault’s priced a little higher than other similar services, but it’s worth it — $9 per month for one site and $19 per month for three.

To get started please visit the following link –

Buy.Me Domain Name Sells For $147,000 – Domains Perfect for Internet Marketing

Dot ME domain names continue to kill at auction. just sold for €115,000 (147,857.63 USD).  ‘Whoa!’ That would be a perfectly reasonable reaction.  So Buy.Me is now in good company with other high dollar Dot ME Sales like, ($450,000) and ($25,000).  More top dollar Dot ME sales can be found here.

So, was Forbes right when they said buyers would flock to Dot Me domains like Previous Article

Answer: Absolutely, spot on with that prediction.  Also consider that there’s are several  .me domains up for sale now, just waiting around for a clever entrepreneur to make use of them. for example has some excellent statistics, great age, good page rank, but also great content.  Sites like  that express a simple message still exist and those that have been taken care of properly will make for the next high dollar sales on sites like Sedo and GoDaddy Auctions.

Internet Marketing, Domain Name Sales and GoDaddy

Domain Names for Sale

Nothing is more important in the United States right now than the upcoming elections. This is why many weird political domain names are scoring some high prices at auctions. Domain names that are based on the two candidates, Romney and Obama are the ones people are currently focusing on, domain names like and In the present cycle of domain names that are expired and being offered on auction at, these election themed domain names have prices that range from eight hundred dollars to fifty thousand dollars. For instance,’s price is eight hundred dollars and is worth exactly 49,358 dollars.

Some of these bizarre domain names are congratulatory and some of them are obscene and comical. Despite that, the business of domain reselling is a very serious one that can turn ordinary people who know their way around these domain names into millionaires. Some people were able to pull that off by a single high paying domain name such as or

Visit for reduced prices on Domain Names 
The period of the political campaign for the presidency of the United States of America always brings an increase in new registrations in the domain industry. This is why the 2012 elections are not any different. According to sources, starting from June of this year, over one thousand and six hundred domain names that are related to the elections that has one the names of Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney got registered. People use combinations of the candidates and mix them with their party support. Even the slightest misspelling can have an impact on the domain name’s price. For instance, has a price tag of nine thousand dollars.

GoDaddy Domain Names and Hosting Reseller Package

Great news for the people who are trying to get into the domain name and hosting market as GoDaddy, which is the biggest service provider for web hosting has just released a new channel for web developers and designers, it is entitled the GoDaddy Reseller Hosting service. This channel is made in order to provide people with the ability to manage more than one website that belongs to the same client. It achieves that by simply providing the users with the ability to create their Web hosting firm without having to deal with all of the complexity and without having to spend a lot effort and time in order to manage the web hosting operation.

This is not all as the Reseller Hosting service that is offered by Go Daddy enables the web developers and designers to customize, monetize and control their company in a very secure and a safe business environment. This web hosting service is powered by the company’s own VPS (Virtual Private Servers) which is a big advantage as other companies offer these services through a shared hosting environment. Go Daddy’s VPS also offers cPanel / WHM that allows the users to manage their accounts, as for billing, it offers the users WHMCS. So by offering a dependable web hosting services, the developers will be able to earn additional revenue to help them strengthen their business.

This new service is going to become very popular because according to the statistics of the Bureau of Labor of the U.S, the business of Web developers is estimated to grow by twenty two percent after eight years in 2020. This growth will result from the huge number of web developers that are going to enter the market.

Danica Patrick

The No. 7 Chevy that is driven by Danica Patrick is going to be covered in pink as a tribute to the campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness this upcoming month. The colorful pink car is going to be viewed by the public in Atlanta. Danica Patrick is planning to drive this car in Charlotte during the Nationwide Series race of NASCAR in order to increase awareness for the disease. The plan is very simple; she is going to drive a very eye grabbing pink car in order to create media buzz and attention for the National Foundation of Breast Cancer and their Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.

The pink car is sponsored by JR Motorsports and Go Daddy. This sponsorship is very important for the Chase Authentics’ program that is entitled Check Your Headlights. This program’s goal is to collect funds and raise awareness for researches in breast cancer. According to the numbers, two hundred thousand women get diagnosed with the illness yearly. Forty thousand from the two hundred thousand yield to the disease. These numbers are provided by the Breast Cancer National Foundation.

Commenting on this, the driver of the pink car, Danica Patrick stated that she adores the whole idea of the pink car and its usage to raise awareness of the disease. The No. 7 Chevy was always known for the green color of Go Daddy, so by changing that color, the car is expected to grab a lot of attention to it, which is the whole purpose behind the idea.

Buy Domain Name or Buy Website Properties for Profit

Generic domain names are amazing because they provide the buyer with the credibility and traffic. For instance, is one of the most used websites worldwide. It became the most used website because of its brand, its name, its high quality content and credibility. Even if it is not the best website out there that provides people with weather information it is still the most used one. Big companies are starting to catch up on the power of these domains names and they are starting to buy generic domains such as Bank of America, CNN and America Online.

Generic domain names have the ability to attract unique users and large amounts of traffic. This is due to the fact that most users do what is called direct navigation. This means that users will type what they want directly. For instance, if they are looking for information about credit cards, they would type This is also why different search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google would rank the generic domain names higher than others. This is why having a generic domain name can put anyone in the lead.

What to do when you buy a domain name:

1- Purchase the right domain name with the right price.

2- Develop content for the website in order for the website to become of high quality.

3- Start to monetize the website in order to gain profit.

4- Then it is time to consider different offers.

Selling any of your generic domain names is form of art, deciding on the right time and the right price has to be done with extreme care. For instance, was bought for one hundred thousand dollars; the buyer applied this strategy, building content and elevating its rank and then sold it to an entrepreneur for 3 million dollars. This entrepreneur applied new strategies and techniques to channel traffic to and then sold it for an amazing one hundred and thirty three million dollars after two years. This is why prior to selling, the domain owner has to make sure that he is getting the best out of the domain name by implementing the best techniques and strategies.

To be successful in the business, you will need more than just buying a good generic domain name. You will also need to provide it with high quality content and elevate its rank in the most used search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The prices for generic and non generic domain names have been increasing for the past few years. More and more people are getting into the domain business (buying and selling domain names).  According to numbers that are supplied by Zetetic, the sales of 3,000 domain names in 2004 generated more than 15,000,000 dollars. This number increased the following year as in 2005 more than 6,000 domain names were sold and they generated more than 20,000,000 dollars. These numbers are from seven years ago, which means that without a doubt, in this day and age, the most valuable kind of real estate on the market these days is domain names. The domain name market can easily turn regular people into millionaires.

Source: specializes in the sales of niche market domain names.

Domain Wars, Domain Names in Dispute

The domain ownership wars and disputes are expected to hit a record number in 2012 due to the increase of the online shopping importance. This importance was the trigger that launched a huge number of legal law suits from the owners of known brands.

In one of the cases, the well-known brand for clothes, footwear and accessories, Gucci is claiming that it should have total control of a domain name that is called and not an unknown ecommerce company.

The main reason behind this dispute and similar ones is the increase of cyber squatters, especially in China. These cyber squatters register the domain names of known brands and names in order to be able to sell fake products or to blackmail the brand owner to pay money in order to transfer the ownership of the websites.

The well-known brands that filed law suits in the past twelve months include Armani, Dior, Burberry, Swarovski and Cartier. Wipo, which stands for World Intellectual Property Organization is the final judge in law suits related to web domain claims.

The organization has ruled in over three thousand cases in the past twelve months that ended in July. This number is the highest number of cases in a single year according to the numbers of Sweet & Maxwell, the provider for legal information.

The numbers from Wipo indicated that the organization ruled in a total of 2764 cases in 2011 and by August of this year, the organization ruled in 1931 cases.


Domain Name MSG.ME Sells for 25,000.00 USD – ME Domains Take the Stage

Once again Dot ME domain names take the domain stage.

There have been some fantastic sales this year for Dot ME domain names including that sold for $450,000 and that sold to Disney for an undisclosed amount.

See top sales here, MSG.ME just sold for 25,000.00 USD on Sedo domain auction.

Dot Me domains have become one of the popular domain extensions in 2012. even featured  Dot ME domains in a recent article on how US startups are flocking to buy .me.

Why? Well, first off, they’re available. Second, if you have the choice between .am, .ag., .ws and other similar names, you’re going to choose the one that actually means something in English. Third, the .me has a personalized feel. You can connect with the user. Liz Kammel, Forbes

It’s that third reason that Liz gives that has had the most appeal for several companies as of late.  Personalization on the web can really mean the difference between being noticed or being engulfed by a sea of competition. Reports Increase Sales in App Domains, an aftermarket, discount domain website is reporting increased sales in app related domains, law related domains and product sales domain names.

According to, .com, .co and .me are the top selling domain extensions over the past six months.  Dot me domains overtook .net domains, but it wasn’t clear if this was because inventory for .net domain names was depleted over those months.

The website also reported that the consistently popular domain names were those in either the category of entertainment or priced at $499 and below.

The value of search engine friendly domain names for both offline and online businesses remains a constant.  Even with the changes made by Google to their algorithms, keyword infused domain names still appear to have some weight to them.

Other trends reported by, in customer spending habits, that Australians lead the pack in domain name acquisitions, followed by the US and then Canadians.


Will The New Domain Names gTLDs Fail?

Some experts only think a few of the new gTLDs will succeed.

A ‘Father of the Internet’, Vint Cerf, said in this article I think only a few new TLDs will be notably successful, but I could be wrong.

Some other experts say they actually think the new TLDs will increase the value of domain names, and other, already successful domains extensions like .Net .Me and .Org,  because when the new TLDs comes there will be too many new extensions out there.

We all know the short name TLDs on the internet are often the best, and some of the new extensions will be long like four letters or more.

Also, it will be very important for the new TLD owners to get new TLDs branded and known on the market, but there will be 100’s of other TLDs out there. How do you get GoDaddy interested in selling your domain TLD if there are only a limited amount of options for domain names that will be interested in it?  How many different names would GoDaddy be able to sell for .insurance?

Well, not many and then they will not be interesting enough for GoDaddy to sell and promote them.

Without the 100% support of the already established domain registration companies, it is unlikely that the new gTLD’s will succeed without massive amounts of marketing dollars.  It may also be too iffy for new registrars to throw money at the potential money pit of the new gTLDs.

Yes some, probably very few, of the new gTLDs that will be available to the public might succeed, but most will continue buying the time-proven .com, .net .me .org TLDs.

The ones to fail will be:

  • the underfunded, who don’t manage to make it out of the gate.
  • the understaffed/under ‘strategised’ who haven’t understood their buyer’s market and behaviour clearly enough. This kind of ineptitude will translate to the registrars, who will say ‘no thank you’ to picking them up.
  • those who died a death by policy-wonking. Businesses who just got caught up in the barbed-wire of the ICANN new gTLD evaluation, contention, auction, contract, delegation, +time, +time. (Jennie-Marie Larsen)


Can your business sustain profitability with the new gTLDs while Google tries to figure it out?

Internet Marketing – 150 Half Price Domains Added

Value Priced Domains at Auction Now

Domain aftermarket broker, reports the addition of 150 domain names priced at 50% of their appraised prices.   The list of domains for sale can be located at BuyDot.Me.  According to the website, there are over fifteen niches being represented.  Some of those include apps and technology, TV, cloud, money and gambling.

There are several domain name extensions represented,  .co, .com, .net and .me domains can be found in the listing.  Domain buyers and domain flippers that are interested in this auction may visit the listing at : BuyDot.Me.

The domains in the categories of internet security, online gambling and television appear to be predominantly represented.  Some of the more interesting TLD’s are, and hundreds more.

Last Hours to Bid on the Popular Me Domain Names Auction

With only three hours left to go for the SEDO .ME domain auction, there are still several opportunities to grab some quality names.

Even with over one-hundred bids now in play, there are still a good chance of picking up some cheap and popular ME domains.


Last Hours to Bid on the Popular Me Domain Names Auction

This summer, a London based venture Brands-and-Jingles, is auctioning 190 catchy .ME names like Absolute.Me, Booze.Me, and others. The auction has less than three hours remaining. The reserve prices range between $149 and $999. One can view the entire list of the domain names that are up there for sale via or simply at

Domain investors that have the inventory to fuel an event like this will find that it’s a very smart idea to work with a brokerage house like Sedo, Namejet, Snapname and alike. By holding a private auction one will not only generate some decent revenues but also will bring attention to the larger portfolio of proprietary domain names. Of course, the prices yielded will be lower than those when selling individually to the end users, and yet, they will leverage the final cut by the bulk effect of the preset reserve prices.  Brands-and Jingles

Check out some of the more active listings like, and and maybe find a couple of names that will work with your portfolio at

Popular ME Domain Name Auctions Continue at Sedo

The Sedo dot ME domain auction held in May, saw domain names like Legal.ME and Cruise.ME generate sales over $150,000.

With the success of that auction, more auctions are planned, wish some including nearly two-hundred premium dot ME domains.

Brands-and-Jingles, a company with several quality domain names has included hundreds of their domains with low reserves set at under one-thousand dollars.  The domains that are for sale will be listed at until July 12.

Private auctions have seen an increase in response and companies like Brands-and-Jingles that are in possession of large domain portfolios are finding real value and speed in this method of liquidation.

Some of the best of these domains are listed here:




The entire list of domain names up for auction can be found at

190 Premium .ME Domain Names on Sedo Domain Auction – Marketing News

Since 2008, when .ME domain names were launched, they became the favorite choice for untold numbers of online start-ups as well as the most influential Internet companies. For example, Facebook is using to shorten its URLs. Every day dozens of services like About.Me, Join.Me, and Links2.Me become market leaders when it comes to virtual business cards and team collaboration.

London based online marketing agency Brands-and-Jingles has already deployed more than a hundred proprietary .ME websites via its (and platform.

This year, the agency decided to partner with Sedo to release some of the best domain names that it has been holding for years. Next month domain buyers will see 190 premium .ME names available at minimal prices ranging between $149 and $999. Most of the names were secured during the domain name rush back in 2008. Most of them were already renewed up to six years upfront leaving the new buyers with free bonus years.

Approximately 50% of the list consists of the most valuable verb+me combinations and the other half is composed of catchy slogans either adjective+me or noun+me, all with a great potential to make it to the top online brands in the years to come.

This release is a rare opportunity to grab web jingles like:,,, ,,,,,, and many more

When comparing market asking prices to the recent average sales – these domains are priced hundreds to thousand times lower  which has the upside of better value and better profit potential.

The auctions will begin on 5th of July2012 and will run until 12th of July2012.

The complete list of the domain names is available via or at this link. “Give Back Up” Cloud Storage Charity Promotion

Give Back Up Fundraiser from

On July 14th is running a one day promotional fundraiser.  The Give Back Up fundraiser offers new cloud storage users an entire year of 50GB of storage for only one dollar.  Every dollar collected will then be matched with a $5 donation to the charity of the customer’s choice from the Give Back Up charities listed here:

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Sierra Club

The Epilepsy Foundation

ASPCA (Animal Rights)

March of Dimes (Infant & Pregnancy Aid)

The charities you will be helping with your new membership are all well-known and provide services that aid millions of Americans all over the county and have been doing so for decades.

We believe the Give Back Up promotion is a great way to encourage people to back up their files via an online backup provider. In other words, the Give Back Up event is about promoting the cause of online backup while helping other noble causes.

The Give Back Up Charities

The Sierra Club – In God’s wildness lies the hope of the world – the great fresh unblighted, unredeemed wilderness. The galling harness of civilization drops off and wounds heal ere we are aware.” These are the words of founder John Muir. While he knew earth’s resources were to be used by its inhabitants, he believed taking care of the earth and its natural resources was of the utmost importance.

The Sierra Club works to protect the earth and natural resources. It is the largest and most influential environmental organization in the U. S. Quite simply put, Sierra Club puts all its efforts into making the environment safer and cleaner for everyone through campaigns for cleaner air, finding alternative methods for energy and fuel, as well as fighting against other environmental threats.

ASPCA – Cruelty to animals is abuse and this organization has stood in the defense of animals since 1866. Its founder, Henry Bergh, had a vision to, provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.

ASPCA diligently works to pass humane laws, rescue animals from abuse and, share resources with shelters throughout the country. Through partnerships with organizations such as Fresh Step, Lowes, and others, they are able to bring awareness to inhumane treatment and conditions of animals while providing resources to care for and place animals in homes where they will receive proper care and treatment.

National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) – Cancer affects so many lives every day. This organization has been fighting this disease for just over 20 years. Its founder Janelle Hail, a breast cancer survivor, started the foundation in order to bring increased awareness, provide mammograms, and to save lives through the early detection of this disease.

This foundation has partnered with many organizations in order to bring awareness for breast cancer to the forefront. The pink ribbon is as much an icon in our culture now as major fast food chains or popular soft drinks. The National Breast Cancer Foundation offers two programs. The National Mammography Program or NMP which assists under-served women in getting services for free mammograms and diagnostic breast care services. The Patient Navigator Program located in various medical facilities allows NBCF to help patients find resources to offset costs and to put aside fears while patients get the proper information and appropriate treatment needed to overcome breast cancer.

The March of Dimes â€“ due to his own personal struggle with Polio, Franklin D. Roosevelt established the organization to fight the disease. With the creation of an effective vaccine through the awareness and funding furnished through March of Dimes, the Polio epidemic ended. Since then the mission focus became premature birth and birth defects.

March of Dimes works hard through medical research to discover causes of birth defects, premature births, and to improve the infant mortality rate in the United States and abroad. With 1 in 8 babies being born prematurely, March of Dimes faces a huge challenge. Through a Prematurity Campaign, the organization helps families to  have full term, healthy babies.

The Epilepsy Foundation – is the leading organization in the battle to find a cure and help those with epilepsy overcome their challenges. Epilepsy affects nearly 3 million Americans and 50 million people worldwide.

While treatments and medications help those with epilepsy, seizures can severely limit school achievements, employment prospects and participation in all of life’s experiences. It strikes the very young and the old, although anyone can develop epilepsy at any age. In the U.S. it affects more than 300,000 children under the age of 15 and more than 90,000 of those that have seizures cannot be adequately treated.

Any of the above mentioned charities are worth your time and money. While helping yourself by backing up and storing what is important to you in files, photos, and videos, you are also helping people throughout the country and globally with your new membership.

This fundraising promotion will run for 24 hours on July 14.

This fundraising promotion will run for 24 hours on July 14.  More information about the promotion can be found at is a cloud storage review and consumer advocate website that assists those new to the cloud to find the most affordable and quality services available.

Every day, you create new computer files on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet device. Every day, your digital life grows larger and with it the risk of losing files. Even the loss of one folder on your computer or mobile device could be catastrophic. There’s no reason to let that happen. You need file protection and an online backup service can provide it.


Domain Name Sells For $80000 – Internet Marketing News

Dot me domains does it again and even in the crosshairs of a lot of new gTLDs, .me is still gaining popularity.

The domain name just sold for $80,000 at a Sedo auction, as the value of Dot.Me domains continues skyrocketing.

Many see dot Me domain names as the perfect way to promote and market a website or just as a good investment. The internet is all about you and me and thats one of the reasons Dot Me domains they have become so popular.

Domains like Date.Me sold for $70000 and sold for $68000 and sold for $450000.

If you are interested in getting your own dot me domain, Godaddy has several available at their auction site.

More about Dot Me:

Me is a true phenomenon among TLDs. With its unforgettable meaning and limitless word combination possibilities, .Me gives a truly personal tone to your domain name. If you are looking for a name that speaks for itself .Me is your best choice. Let .Me speak for your online business or personal blog.

.Me potential is enormous and it simply asks for you to be creative and coin the name that suits you best. If you have a great, original idea for a domain name, register .Me before it’s taken. To check out other ideas – Explore the world of .Me.

According to a 2010 Nielsen report, social media and blog sites account for one in every four and a half minutes online.  By 2014, it is expected that two-thirds of Internet users worldwide, will be regular users of social networking sites.

Attracting users is essential to maintaining any site’s popularity and longevity. Many social media sites are turning to .ME to make that critical connection. Connect.Me is a great example.

Success in social media is survival of the fittest, comments Predrag Lesic, executive director of the .ME Registry. Ease of use and a strong brand are key. Dot-ME is a perfect brand connector for an online industry looking to marry individual interests with the creation of each virtual community.

.ME domains create call-to-action easily, and sending powerful marketing message in the URL is often one of the most valuable tools for attracting customers. Try to forget services like Join.ME, Blog.ME and Mobify.ME.



The Beautiful Women of Kickstarter

The Beautiful Women of Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a crowdsourcing website that is responsible for bringing attention to some very creative projects.  Kickstarter breaks the fourth wall that was previously between creators and the audience, by giving benefactors an opportunity to back projects they want to see come to life.  The audience has a direct connection to the project and in some cases already, has launched or furthered the careers of their favorite actors, singers, playwrights, or products.  Models, singers and actresses are also finding that Kickstarter is a great stepping stone to creating or bolstering a loyal fan following.

Along with the occasional popular fan-fiction web series, manga comics, clever gadgets and swimsuits; Kickstarter also has the appeal of being home to several attractive and talented women.  The following list is by no-means a complete one, but these are some of the women of Kickstarter that you’ll want to watch so that you can later say, I backed her project when she was on Kickstarter!


Tybee Diskin is an actress on the popular webseries, Fallout:Nuka Break, which is an unofficial homage to the popular game series Fallout.  They are now in their second season and have 13 days to go for their project fund drive, which has already exceeded their goal by 81%.

“Fallout: Nuka Break” Season 2



Erica Rhodes is an actress with several films and commercials to her name.  Her project ‘Posey’, starring veteran actress Sally Kirkland, explores the tragedy and search for hope that surrounds Alzheimer’s.  The short film is being directed by Billy DaMota.  Only one week remains to become a backer of this project.

POSEY Starring Sally Kirkland


Kettie Jean is an actress starring in The Silent City.  She has a real star quality that shines through and you shouldn’t be surprised to see her in more films (if we’re lucky) in the upcoming years.  Take a look at The Silent City webseries trailer to see Kettie Jean in action.

“Kettie Jean [has] a passion for politics, philosophy and lost civilizations.  Her experience as a traveller and hiker, combined with her martial arts skills makes her the perfect candidate for the last living woman [in the series].”

Fans of The Walking DeadMad MaxZombie Movies, or just love a good post apocalyptic tale, will appreciate this series.

JennyRebecca Winans is a singer/songwriter with an incredible project of writing and creating a music video of her performing that song.. Everyday.  She has 3 days to go to hit her goal.  Currently the JennyRebecca Song Diary Kickstarter project is 74% funded.

“JennyRebecca Winans received her Master of Music degree as well as her Professional Studies Artist Diploma from the Manhattan School of Music in New York City. Her most recent engagements include the principle roles in ‘Madame Butterfly’, ‘La Traviata’, and ‘Theodora’ at the Neukln Heimat Hafen in Berlin, as well as both classical and contemporary concerts in Germany and Austria.”

JennyRebecca’s Song Diary



Erin Layton

Erin Layton is a playwright and actress of the one-woman play ‘MAGDALEN ‘.

MAGDALEN is a one woman play about finding one’s voice in the void. The void being the place where identity and beauty and language are stripped away. This void is what the Magdalene Laundries in Ireland were to the young girls and women who labored there. ”




photos belong to the respective photographer or copyright holder. 

Great SEO Tool to Get Help with Panda and Penguin Problems

Here’s the dilemma with the recent Google Algorithm updates; business owners have a very limited understanding of how to get their businesses ranking on the first page of Google.  In my experience working with small business owners, most of them outsource everything from the design of the website to a majority of the content that appears on the website.  Even with the obvious advertising importance of what a search engine like Google represents to small businesses, SEO and web design just may not be in the skill set of a gutter installation business owner, a baker or a candlestick maker. However, it would seem that everyone now knows the value of being on the first page of Google.  So when that small business owner puts aside a few hundred dollars to dedicate the website, they look for the most inexpensive way to get the job done.  Unfortunately, the worst possible tactics have for the longest time, produced the most favorable results.

In addition, those tactics are widely the cheapest.  With the new Google update that penalizes sites for over optimization, the target ultimately being those black hat tactics, the acceptable collateral damage are those small companies and business owners that thought they were doing something to help feed their families and make their businesses more successful.  Well, the Google stance on the fallout would seem to be that not having knowledge of the Google Law is not an acceptable defense.  So, while Google has hit those bad SEO companies in the wallet, they have also harmed a lot of innocent, uninformed, small businesses just trying to make the next mortgage payment.

Another issue that Google algorithm updates like Penguin, Panda and Venice might not take into consideration in their hack and slash methods, are that even those that don’t use black hat services, know so little about web design, that some of the techniques could be inadvertently used by a novice site creator.

If your website has been knocked down in the rankings or has been completely de-indexed, does that mean you should scrap the site and start all over again?  Harsh, but maybe in a very small percentage the answer would be yes.  If you are a small business that does their own web design and SEO, or an SEO company reeling from the latest Google hammer, you might benefit from using new software developed by  This company has developed a proprietary analysis tool that detects the problems on your website(s) that are causing the penalty and reports back with that information.  The company also provides a full example final report that can be downloaded on their website.  Because the penalties being issued by Penguin are algorithmic, simply asking for re-inclusion of your site will not work.  The problems have to be fixed for your website to start showing up in Google again.  You won’t have to do anything as drastic as starting from scratch, but if your site has been hit, then it will either take a lot of time manually fixing your site and finding issues or with the use of a tool that can simplify the process.

Get Your Bid in for Sedo Dot Me Domain Auction

Get Your Bid in for Sedo Dot Me Domain Auction

It’s business and it’s personal.  Dot Me domains are the domain extension that brings your personal touch to the internet.  Right now and until May 31st at noon EDT, Sedo has some of the top dot me domains up at auction. Some of the domains that Sedo is highlighting are, and

The auction is set to go on for seen days and the auction inventory may be viewed at

The recent sale of for $80,000 further legitimizes the real power and value of dot me domains.

Intermarketing and Buying Domains, GoDaddy Clearance Sale has reported that a clearance on several online marketing related domains is taking place at GoDaddy.  The premium domains, many with appraisal values over $1000 are being sold for $299.  With over one-hundred domains that have been priced to move, internet marketing and affiliate marketers that are just starting out can pick up a few great domain names for their portfolios.

GoDaddy Reduced Price Premium Domain Name Sale Going on Now


Internet Marketing – Reports 300 Domains Added to Auction

Value Priced Domains at Auction Now

Domain aftermarket broker, has reported that over three hundred, aged domains have been added to a seven day GoDaddy auction.  According to the website, there are over twenty niches being represented.  Some of those include apps and technology, television and cloud and finance and gambling.

With less than seven days on the auction, it appears that all of them have a starting bid of only $32.  There is a good showing of .co, .com, .net and .me domains in the auction.  Domain buyers and domain flippers that are interested in this auction may visit the listing at :

The domains in the categories of internet security, online gambling and television appear to be predominantly represented.  Some of the more interesting TLD’s are, and hundreds more.  According to, this seven day chance of a lifetime ends in six days and some change.

Is There Still Money to be made with Domain Buying and Selling?

Domain Selling, Can You Cash In?

It seems as if everything to do with the Internet has changed several times since its early days. It is important to understand that one aspect of the Internet that has continued to be important is the domain name that a website is able to use. As a result, buying and selling those domain names is still a very lucrative business, as long as the right names are chosen.  If you buy domains and resell them as developed websites or just domain investments, then you know that picking a good name is a mixture of psychic activity and good ole’ business sense.  For some it takes years to develop a good eye for a profitable name and for others it just takes a huge bankroll and a domain name spending spree.

An excellent example of that would be the experiences of Mr. Mike Mann, of Delaware. He has spent years buying up domain names as they become available and reselling them as needed. This 45 year old internet mogul has not invested in some of the more catchy and obvious names, but instead has chosen unique names that are likely to attract people.

Obviously, it wouldn’t make much sense to buy up domain names willy nilly and expect to make a profit. Instead, there is an enormous amount of research that goes into the various types of keywords; disregarding names that would cause any obvious trademark conflicts and researching the existing traffic for similar websites. All of that information comes together to make it simpler to choose domain names that are easy to resell quickly.

Is There Some Secret?  Nope, Just Treat it Like a Business

As with most things that offer the ability to get rich quick, there are a few tricks to keep in mind. Buying a large amount of domains at one time can be an expensive and risky endeavor for anyone who is not familiar with the concepts. It would not make sense for anyone to expect to have the results that Mr. Mann has without extensive research and effort. It takes more than a desire for success; it takes a lot of hard work.

Recently, Mr. Mann spent approximately 100,000 dollars over two days on domain names and he expects to make a profit from each of those names. There are a variety of different names included in that bundle, but none of them are incredibly obvious or scintillating names.

Domain buying and selling has an enormous potential for income for anyone who is willing to put the time and work into it that is necessary. If this seems like something you would like to get involved with, then you have to have a lot of patience, and foresight.  Domain name selling is sometimes compared to being a stocks trader, but more realistically, it’s more like running a retail operation.  Your product has a buyer out there, but if you don’t do the marketing and don’t make that product as enticing and affordable as it can be, then there are plenty of other stores out there to buy from.

Something That Anyone Can Do

The nice aspect of the business is that anyone can do it.  You can start with your own idea or even someone else’s idea, if they got the domain name first.  Did you just have an amazing idea about a website that features acai berries or maybe want a clever web presence for your shoelace business?   Starting out with a brand new domain name might be a little more difficult to get rolling, so there ‘ s always the option of starting with an auction.  The benefit of auctioned domains is that they will probably have some age to them and a lot of the research footwork was already done by the seller.  That’s not to say that every domain name out there is a good buy, so perform due diligence before making hasty purchases.   One place to start with auctions is Sedo.  They are probably one of the better auction houses for domains.

So in answer to the question, is there money to be made in domain selling, yes.  The chances are slim to none that you will get 80 mil for a domain, but if you apply sound business ethics and practices even as a hobbyist, it is possible to make a decent living with domains.

The FTC Recommends Changes to Internet Marketing Practices

The FTC Recommends Changes to Internet Marketing Practices

In its latest announcement, the FTC has recommended a few major changes regarding the methods that companies and businesses use in order to gather and analyze digital data from their customers depending on their activities on the internet. These changes stated by the Federal Trade Commission are not obligatory, but it shows what actions are approved by the FTC, putting in mind that the FTC has the power of enforcement.

The FTC spoke through Peder Magee, their senior attorney. He spoke to newspapers and announced that he is the main writer behind the guidelines announced by the FTC. He also talked about the future intentions of the FTC, especially after filling charges and lawsuits against Google, Facebook and other online companies in regards of the way they practice data collection from online customers. And he added that despite the fact that these guidelines are not mandatory, but as more companies decide to follow these guidelines, the more popular they will be. These outlines included several things. For starters, it stated that companies that collect data from the users should state specifically what kind of information from their personal data is being collected. And those companies should also state when this data collection will occur exactly. And to prevent putting such vital information in the middle of 30 pages, this only confuses the customer and most people tend to ignore reading all of the pages.

Another guideline stated that it is ok for companies to gather information from a specific transaction between the company and the customer. For example, a florist has the right to do data mining on a transaction to know what his clients like, and who is likely to buy roses or other type of flowers. But what the florist shouldn’t know and shouldn’t use data mining to figure out is information like the sports team the customer supports. That’s why the company shouldn’t use cookies or data mining for such information. And if the company is looking forward to trade this information as a part of cross marketing deals with a sports company, then the flower company should ask for permission from the client and state the 3rd party who will have access to the information.

It also recommended that companies shouldn’t keep the information they gathered and that they should delete it because the transaction will no longer be relevant. But in case of companies and websites that will have a long term relationship with their clients, they will have the right to keep the data gathered. Especially data that is related to product choices, despite having the right to do so, but they shouldn’t give that information to any third party. Companies like Amazon and Netflix fall under this category.

If these guidelines are applied on a wide basis, it will have a tremendous effect on digital and content marketing. Because there is lot of information being collected and gathered without the knowledge of the user, and these recommendations will soon change that.