Mahatma Gandhi Old Personal Diary Recovered

Mahatma Gandhi Old Personal Diary Recovered

National Archives had received one hand written diary of the India’s Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, who led the country’s independence movement through ‘Satyagraha’, resistance to oppression through mass civil disobedience, and ‘ahimsa’, total non-violence.

A small personal diary of Mahatma Gandhi written in Gujarati during India’s independence time, was given to the Archives by Varsha Das, a former director of the Gandhi National Museum.

“The diary is a national as well as an international treasure. By keeping it in the Archives one will get to know a little more about Mahatma Gandhi’s life and work than what we know at present,” said Das.

She also added, “a lot will be revealed through these diaries.”

“People who know Gujarati can access the diary even now,” informed the museum official.

vVarsha Das also added, “In order to facilitate greater dissemination we plan to translate it into Hindi and English too.”

Asides from the Gandhi’s personal diary, a photo album of Mahatma Gandhi capturing his tour in Madras tour way back in 1925, the album includes highlights of his visits along with other items like telegrams and a photocopy of a few Gujarati couplets would also be exhibited at the National Archives.

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