Launches more Las Vegas Hotels and Casino Type Vacations

Las Vegas HotelsMacau has some of the best Las Vegas hotels and casino like vacations outside of Vegas but is often overlooked.  Macau has the thrill and excitement of Vegas but in a more exotic locale with lush natural beauty.  Overall, Macau as a tourist destination offers more than most European cities and has Vegas style casinos.  Macau is steadily edging its way into the top vacation spots in the world and one of the reasons is the press that is generating for Macau.

Websites are often used for self promotion, but is actually promoting Macau in a way that is economically benefiting it.  The website has introduced thousands of vacationers to the casinos, tours, shopping and shows that Macau has to offer.

One of the interesting happenings that relates to visitors is the competitive climbing events that Macau is world famous for.  The competitive climbing takes place at the famous Macau Tower.  Those that are passionate about rock climbing can even build an entire adventure around a visit to Macau.

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