Macau Gambling, Big Wynn for Tiny Locale

Macau GamblingMacau Gambling

Reports state that Macau, which is considered one of the biggest if not the absolute biggest gambling destination, has reached an outstanding revenue in April. The amazing revenue was worth 3.13 billion dollars, according to experts. These numbers were attributed to the new opening of the 4 billion dollar casino which attracted a lot of Hong Kong’s wealthy. Macau is a small enclave at the southern coast of China; it is considered a goldmine win for many American casino titans, for example, the Las Vegas Sands. The casino town of Macau has been growing more and more each day, it is considered one of the fastest booming casino towns.

An official statement by the government of Macau states that the revenue that was achieved in April is considered the second highest revenue this year. The highest revenue was reached in January. The fact that this tiny enclave is the only outlet where people who live in China can gamble legally makes it high on demand. As people can go to Macau through a ferry ride that only takes an hour from Hong Kong or they can go there through Zhuhai, which is a Chinese city that is located near Macau.

The total revenue that Macau has achieved in 2011 was equal to 33.5 billion dollars, and Macau is predicted to achieve higher numbers in 2012, as it is expected for Macau to achieve a total est. revenue of 40 billion in 2012. These numbers are a result of the 2012 growth percentage expectation to be from 15 % to 25 % which is very low compared to the 40% growth percentage of 2011.

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