Lowering Hardware Costs with Hosted Exchange

Hosted ExchangeHosted Exchange

Considering a cloud based hosted exchange email service to lower costs? Large corporations are making the switch to hosted exchange, mail hosting not just for the secure email aspect of the service but for a few other reasons as well. A hosted exchange like Microsoft’s Exchange Online are designed to allow companies to scale up faster, lower costs and simplify deployment and upgrades.

Lowers Costs

A hosted exchange lowers costs by reducing drag to on-staff technical support services by alleviating them of nearly 70% of their interaction with email and user problems with email. That will give your tech people more time to either play solitaire or come up with innovative new solutions to improve the company.


IT Admins can use a hosted Exchange Online simply have to control which features their users have access to through policy administration. Email security is improved, less prone to a user opening up malicious software and because it is hosted offsite, it reduces the chances of your important files being corrupted.

This is the best way to improve quality without increasing labor costs. If you are interested in finding out the cost of setting up a Microsoft hosted exchange service, have a look at Microsoft’s cost estimator calculator for monthly services at http://www.microsoft.com/online/estimator/default.aspx.

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