Looking for Healthy Weight Loss the Dr Oz Diet May be the Answer

dr oz dietSummer is around the corner and many Americans are looking for ways to lose weight. There are many different fad diets available that it is hard to find one that will actually work. It is important to find a diet that is based around healthy principles and is well-rounded.

The Dr. Oz diet is based around not only food choices but lifestyle changes. More than just eating healthy it will help with changing the relationship one has with food. Dr. Oz suggests grocery lists and foods to avoid.

What Dr. Oz calls the “rule of 5” is the top 5 foods that must be avoided. These include Simple sugars and syrups Saturated fat, Trans Fat and enriched flours. Once these foods are eradicated from the pantry and the grocery list it allows for a fresh start. From there the plan provides an easy way to eat right and exercise.


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