Long Anticipated Web Series, The Silent City Trailer Released

The Silent City Trailer Released

The long anticipated release of The Silent City, Apocalypse/Zombie web series gives us a taste of things to come.  The project was funded on Kickstarter and was brought to the attention of many when Felicia Day tweeted about it.  You can catch the trailer here or check it out on YouTube.  The web-series will also be distributed via YouTube because of their wide and diverse audience.

“Yes, YouTube. As a web series we live and die by our audience, and this is where the audience is. ” Rubidium Wu


Rubidium Wu

The Silent City is directed by veteran Brooklyn filmmaker (Australia-born) and award winning director, Rubidium Wu.  Rubidium has directed several commercials for the likes of Nintendo, Nike and Playstation along with his documentary ‘Portraits of Silence’.

If you would like to contribute to the web-series, or just take a look at the progress of the project, those options are available at The Silent City website (http://silentcityseries.com/).


The Silent City Trailer:

For higher quality, watch The Silent City on YouTube.

Update 07/30/2012

The Silent  City is now into it’s third episode.  The series has had some great success with viewership.  The series can be seen here:

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