LinkedIn vs. Facebook for Business Internet Marketing

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When compared to LinkedIn, is Facebook really that great for business? There’s quite a few “business pages” on Facebook that sit there empty not really doing much but taking up internet space, LinkedIn on the other hand appears to be making a stronger move for businesses with what really counts; access to the decision makers, not just the webmaster. Linkedin is becoming more relevant for smaller businesses and those small businesses may just gain an advantage by linking in to professionals on LinkedIn.

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Facebook seems great for fan pages and some businesses have done well with their Facebook presence, but it is more of a consumer driven model where LinkedIn is a business to business, professional social network and that simply isn’t the image that Facebook represents.

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Definitely not suggesting pulling out of Facebook, as it serves for some excellent customer opportunities, but adding LinkedIn to your arsenal may be the missing component in your overall internet marketing plan. You can check out LinkedIn at and start connecting to business contacts today.

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