Lindsay Lohan Dead: Is It True or Just Hoax?

Lindsay Lohan Dead

A lot of rumors surrounding misguided infamous celebrity Lindsay Lohan are circulating around the web. However most of the rumors have anything to do with the recent crimes or her mandatory 90 days jail time; instead rumors are dealing with the death of the actress.

This rumor is not new and this isn’t the first time rumors have been started that Lohan passed away, but they are always pretty much the same. For most people, because of the actress lifestyle, party all night attitude and drug problems, it’s not that peculiar to think that maybe the actress just took it a little too far one night. That’s why these kind of rumors spread quickly on the web. A lot of people can imagine something like this happen to the controversial celebrity.

Lindsay Lohan is scheduled to serve jail time for a past offense. One top of that, she has a few new plans for her professional acting career, although these past months her jobs haven’t been going pretty well. Lohan was reported to be quite a diva and has had a difficult time not getting booted from production sets that she is a part of.

People within entertainment industry and normal people believe that the actress will enter treatment program after she has completed her jail period. An insider close to the actress has said she might exchange a few months of jail time for rehabilitation instead.

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