Legalizing Online Gambling in Illinois

Casino GamesIllinois Sees State Regulation as the Big Issue in Legalizing Online Gambling

The State of Illinois permits the selling of lottery tickets and placing of bets for horseracing, via online facilities; but the bill passed by Senate President John Cullerton last year, which called for the legalization of online gambling has not progressed. To date, even previous supporters of the move to legalize Internet-based gambling in Illinois, are wary about the potential problems and complexities posed by gambling activities via the Internet.

Unlike the selling of lottery tickets and placing of bets for horseracing, gambling activities in online casinos paint a bigger picture. Regulations and technologies in place should be able to monitor issues such as the age of the online players, and to prevent minors from gaining access to online casino games. Other areas of concern include measures of controlling the gambling activities of players to preclude excessive and compulsive gambling; as well as tracking how much Illinois residents are spending or losing in online casino games.

Senate Republicans take note that even the state of Nevada, which legalized Internet gambling in 2011 and only for online poker, is still in the process of figuring out how to make their Internet gambling policies work effectively. The Nevada Gaming Control Board even sent some of its staff to Europe to see how their counterpart handles and imposes Internet gambling regulations. Some Illinois lawmakers would rather adopt a wait-and-see attitude, by observing other states like Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey as they go live with their regulations.

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