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Club WPT Legal Online Poker USAClub WPT

Club WPT is not a gambling poker website. It is a website that will allow you to access the World Poker Tour, tournaments, resources and more. It is more than the usual poker website. So, apart from enjoying multi table tournaments and monthly sweepstakes, players will have access to WPT interview, WPT shows, The Royal Flush Girls, Ringtones, Las Vegas discounts, the WPT magazine, the outtakes of the WPT shows and wallpapers among other things. Also, according to the membership, players will access a great deal of resources that will enable them elevate their poker play to the next level.

ClubWPT has 2 memberships available for poker players. One of them is free, which is the Basic Membership and the other costs a monthly fee of 19.95 dollars, which is the VIP Membership.

Beginning with the Basic Membership as mentioned before, it does not cost anything. Although it is free, it offers poker players everything that they might need. They will be able to access the daily free rolls tournaments beside access to WPT. It also offers players numerous resources to aid them elevate the level of their poker play. These helpful resources include a Texas Hold’em poker introduction that is presented by none other than Amanda Leatherman. It also offers players access to the Poker Odds Calculator and advanced poker strategies that are written by professionals in the poker industry. Players will also have direct access to Antonio Esfandiari’s In the Money alongside other articles and features including a glossary of poker terms and hand rankings.

As for the paid membership, the VIP Membership, it costs players $19.95. This membership holds numerous features and surprises for VIPs. For starters, players will be granted the golden poker chip which means that they have VIP status. It allows them to enter monthly sweepstakes   for cash prizes and tickets to exclusive WPT events alongside the ability to enter Multi table tournaments.

The Tournaments

Speaking of tournaments, players will be able to participate and opt in scheduled tournaments at ClubWPT poker website. There are certain rules that players will have to follow in order to opt in these tournaments and other rules that they will have to abide by during the tournaments. These rules include:

– Players will be able to register for a tournament until it starts officially according to the starting date that is set in the official website of ClubWPT.

– Players will be able to cancel their registration and withdraw from a tournament until there are fifteen minutes left for the tournament to start.

– All players seated at the same poker table will have the same amount of chips upon entering.

– Players who will be moved will be notified

– The software will try to equalize the number of players on each poker table throughout the tournament by moving players from one table to another.

– Players will be notified about the upcoming break periods at the bottom left side of the table

– A player who is moved to another table and finds himself seated between the big blind and the button will have to wait for the button to get past him before he can enter the game play.

– The tournament continues until one player has all of the chips that once belonged to other players in the tournament.

–  When there are two remaining players, the player who is due to get the big blind will get it while the other player with the small blind will get the button.

– For the No Limit Poker tournaments, players can raise as much as they want, as there are no restrictions applied.

Is ClubWPT a Gambling Website?

No, it is not. In order for a website to be a gambling website, players will need to place money on a game like poker, blackjack, slots or other casino games and risk this money in order to gain prizes or cash. This does not happen in ClubWPT as players will not buy chips or place real money wagers in order to get cash prizes. Players will pay a fee to get a VIP membership in order to get access to VIP benefits such as monthly sweepstakes and tickets to certain WPT events. Players can even enjoy free rolls tournaments without paying the monthly fee through the free Basic Membership.

ClubWPT also respects the laws and regulations of every state and country. This is why ClubWPT only grants the VIP membership and the ability to enter the sweepstakes to players who live in countries or states that allow such sweepstakes and it respects the rules of each state. Players who reside in countries or states where sweepstakes are not legal will not be able to purchase the VIP Membership and will be excluded from the sweepstakes.

The list of countries where it is legal includes Australia, Canada, France and the UK alongside 36 states and districts in the US. The list of states includes Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, D.C, Colorado, Florida, New York City, Texas, Utah, Rhode Island and New Jersey, among others. So players should check their eligibility for tournaments and sweepstakes before applying for a VIP Membership. Players who live in areas other than the ones mentioned will still be able to enter ClubWPT through the free membership to access the articles, the resources and the interviews of the WPT alongside enjoying the free rolls tournaments.



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